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  1. I think I may have posted this story in another thread when I first signed-up, but I was at work awhile back, in the breakroom, when one of my co-workers - who fancies herself a smack-talking, "shoot-from-the-hip" sort of smartass - out of nowhere, made the remark that my face resembled the surface of the moon, which resulted in the desired effect from her fellows - giggles and guffaws, which obviously pleased her to no end. She was feeling really good about her clever bon-mot, when I fixed my g
  2. Hi - in what section of the Target did you find it? I ask because ever since I heard of this stuff, I've looked in the "skin care" sections of Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreens, to no avail. And the clerks who work there tell me they have no idea what I'm talking about. Would love to know if this product works.
  3. Ashton Kutcher (no idea if I'm spelling that right) had some fairly serious pockmarks (from what I'd assume was chicken pox) on one side of his face immediately before, and during the first few seasons of THAT 70's SHOW. He must have had some corrective scar revision since, because you can't see them anymore. I saw a puffpiece behind-the-scenes "documentary" about his modeling career prior to starting the TV show, and the scars were pretty big, and noticable - as they were whenever he had a clos
  4. From a girl at work who thought she was being clever:"I feel like an astronaut every time I come to work - look at your face! More craters than the moon!". My response: "Yeah, but I can get these fixed - you're so ugly you'd need a fucking HEAD TRANSPLANT, bitch." Never said a single word to me again. Was I being nice? No. But neither was she. Don't start none and there won't be none.
  5. Hi. I've read on this site and others that Restylane and other fillers can be used for raising depressed scars, however I keep getting mixed messages as far as the efficacy of using them: some say that temporary fillers can be injected into an existing scar with immediate satisfactory results, while others say that some surgical proceedure (subcision, needling) has to be performed prior to injecting the filler for any noticable scar improvement. Does anyone know which is true? Thanks in advance
  6. Hey, all. I was "blessed" with the misfortune of contracting chicken pox when I was 17, and have, as souvineers of that lovely experience, three particularly large pockmark scars on one side of my face. And, no - I didn't pick, I didn't scratch - just woke one morning to find angry red lesions looking back at me from my mirror. The scars are pretty much in a straight vertical line, directly below one eye. I decided early on to just live with them. Which hasn't been easy. Countless experiences
  7. Hey fleeble! Welcome!!