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  1. You can definatly tell some improvement, I'd even say some major improvement for 1 weeks time.
  2. Good stuff, gives me hope! haha.
  3. Have you gotten any prolonged redness, or gotten any tiny whiteheads pop up around where you use it? Just curious, because I've read alot of reports on that, but it's interesting to read from both sides.
  4. Few things.... Usually face bars don't work as good in my experience, I would recommend switching to a liquid for your cleanser, I personally use Olay for Sensitive Skin Foaming face ace wash. Second, the BP your using is double the amount of BP recommended by the regimen, which could be messing up your results. Third, I have always found Cetaphil to be a crappy moisturizer, and it makes me break out after use, and makes my skin look like I just wiped a few slices of pizza on it. Try maybe c
  5. Jumping straight up to a full dose wont speed things up honestly, if anything it may make it worse because of the sudden increase in BP, which can cause irritation. Just take it slow, you'll get there, it's just another week ;)
  6. The bigger your order gets, the more expensive your shipping becomes, because it then requires a larger package. I believe it doesn't go higher than the "more expensive one" you are seeing, so buying products in bulk is the best way to reduce the shipping cost per product.
  7. AHA should only be used to moisturize 2 to 3 times a week, to avoid irritation. If you wanted to switch to DK's BP, it should go over smoothly. Most people actually report improved performance from it, over the Neutrogena OTS. Good luck!
  8. Good stuff, I have been using Eucerin moisturizer that has some amount of AHA in it, and it seems to help as well. Your updates are gonna inspire me to go full AHA with Dan's tube that I just got in the mail haha.
  9. In Dan's review of recommended moisturizers, he has pointed out that in July 09, Olay changed their active ingredient from Zinc Oxide to something else (can't remember what the name is) He also said that it could be an irritant on acne prone skin, so you guys may need to switch moisturizers to check and see if that is the problem. Try Complex 15, it's a pretty light moisturizer that I like for daytime use, and I use Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy + Smoothing Essentials (AHA) for night time.
  10. Looking forward to your update, Henry.
  11. Figured since it has worked well for me, I would go ahead and post it here for others to try. Found this on a recipe site of all places Note, this is not a miracle cure, but it has reduced my acne pretty drastically. I'm not completely clear and still have breakouts, but not nearly as bad. They're alot more manageable and less noticeable. My main problem now is all the old marks Ingredients: 1/4 Cup Witch Hazel 1/4 Cup Aloe Vera Gel (Pure) 1 teaspoon Vegetable Glycerin 1 Tablespoon of ACV (Ap