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  1. ask a doctor or physiotherapist or somebody in the kinesiology field on how to improve your circulation. Maybe some intense stretching/yoga type moves? Could be your lungs arent getting your whole system enough oxygen and not releasing enough co2 efficiently. Could be your arteries are clogged. Try eating a lot of raw garlic for a week to clean out/thin your blood and see what happens... Something def is wrong when you have all those symptoms. GL.
  2. you guys would say sun exposure slows down the healing (dark colour)? I kinda disagree, but im not really sure. All I know is my hyperpigmentation scars are dark now in the winter months when Im not getting much sun. Sun heals imo. im brown though, not Caucasian so It may be different.
  3. legit cysts still come to a head (not all of em) but they just take alot longer than a normal zit, usually a week+
  4. theres an abundance of information on this site. Your basically asking if somebody has the magic cure, everybody wants this but sadly it doesnt exist. No one remedy will cure you, that much I can guarantee. Everybody has different deficiencies and causes of their acne, you must find yours and then through your own path find the solution. That or try accutane.
  5. why is it that vegetarians are constantly attacked? I eat meat. BUT, You can THRIVE off no meat as well. There are countless examples of cultures that have THRIVED off no meat. You believe meat is great for you, thats nice. But let people make their own decisions. Just because its your view doesnt mean it needs to be imposed on others.
  6. I dont have any experience with saunas or steambaths or whatever, however when I went in for a "jamaican hotbox" which is a ton of steam from a shower and a nice splif session in there it blew open alot of pores and made everything much worse.
  7. Ive never really experienced this... I would recommend not sleeping directly on your cheek, difficult to change sleeping habit but yeah use a hand on the side of your face and dont have any direct contact with the cheek. Also if your not already, try some natural anti-inflammatory foods this may also help.
  8. you can pop it if theres a clean white head, using something that is has a rounded tip. This is what derms use, they also cortosone it to bring down the inflamation. I use basically a hair pin something like that, that has a nice small round top part, smaller it is the better im sure there are better tools though. I sanatize everything, pop it with a toothpick then squeeze. I recommend you see a derm though.
  9. ive got a ton of hyper pigmentation it just takes time to clear imo upto 6-8 months for the worst ones. It wont be there forever, no.
  10. I eat a peanut butter sandwich every night, its not actually very sweet. Cant really say what affect it has had on acne dont think its a major negative one though. Now a reese peanut butter cup is completely different, loaded with tons of refined sugars which can easily cause a breakout.
  11. Im trying for more whole grains right now, trying to get my fiber up to get my whole digestive system flowing 100%. Im also taking 1 pill of 50 mg zinc a day. Honestly the best way is to just test it out for yourself eat alot of whole grain in one meal and check for signs of imflamattion or any signs of possible breakout because of the food. Most foods hit people differently, thats why there really is no one cure for acne.
  12. Sorry but there is no quick fix for severe acne, it can look alot better within a week though. I definitely recommend seeing a dermatologist for real advice on what to take.
  13. I think its important to let go of the ego. Once you can let this go you can truely free yourself. Your worst critic and worst enemy by far is yourself or your ego. Live life to the fullest with courage. name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>&">
  14. Im in a similar situation as my acne seems to flare up much more in winter, I think this has to do with us being indoors most of the day. In dry, artificial heating environments. But more so I think it has to do with the amount of sunlight we recieve directly and indirectly. The winter days are so dramatically shorter than summer that this may be a huge cause. Im going to try to actively wake up early as the sun rises in the winter and get as much light as possible (doesnt need to be direct
  15. agree with the above poster ^ but for me I've just started adding much more fibre (fiber cereal, whole wheat everything, eating the seeds of pommogrannates, more fruits/vegis) to my diet instead of a full colon detox. So far it has been pretty good as no new acne cysts have shown up.