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  1. yes any bread, will have wheat in it, that is the only thing that breaks me out, wheat, gluten.
  2. wheat allergy, you probably will break out from bread, pizza etc..
  3. Hello everybody. I did a few posts a couple months a go on how i stopped all products and just used alittle water to wash my face. Doing this made my acne so much less red and less painful, I never really had bad facial acne a spot here or there, my real problem area was my forehead. So started looking back through highschool pictures 9-12, grades and see no acneeee especially on my forehead. I do have long hair and it rests on my forehead always has. Just after i graduated highschool i noticed
  4. queen helenes honey scrub, its all natural, very soft and does an amazing job and cheap!
  5. flouride, flouride , flouride Buy a natural toothpaste and drop the flouride
  6. Just saying every human needs nature, we were put her to live in the woods to need nothing, it will work for you , think positive dont cry about every little mark or pimple, if you have severe acne due to an allergic reaction to a certain food, figure out what it is instead of ingesting acutane, scrubbing the hell out of your face with cleansers,forms of acid, hmm if you get a cut do you scrub it , throw treatments on it , no let your wounds heal.!!! Water good vibes and more water
  7. I'd like to start off by saying that in my4 years of high school i had no pimples till about my senior year, at that time i panicked like we all do and went out and bought a acne cleanser. A few days after my pimple went away , thought it was a miracle wash, a week later i notice two spots, do the same routine then they go away. You see all cleansers do more harm then good, for the last 4 months Ive had moderate to minimal acne mainly on my forehead, im a guy with long hair and it tends to rest
  8. I hope your diet is better then your English? What do you eat on a daily basis? Your face is irritated that's obviously seen in your images, lay of the products till your face heals a bit.
  9. same with ipod, before the no wash I was just using cetaphil morning and night, now nothing, just cold water after i shave, and avoid all water on my face in the shower, the steam from the water is actually a very nice feeling.
  10. Ive been doing the no wash thing for about a week now, and let me tell you its amazing, i shave once a week and then i just dab cold water on afterwards and pat dry. This is really amazing, I had no initial breakout or anything.
  11. its fine, all i drink is soy milk, dairy milk is horrible for you and it just doenst agree with my stomach, great source of protein and most soy milks are vitamin enriched, drink up!
  12. Completely normal dont worry about it., I take a super b complex once a day for the last year and green is good. keep it green :)
  13. if your on a low sugar diet, dont go with apples, i love fruit use to eat 2-3 apples a day then went on a low sugar diet and upped my apple intake and broke out worse then ever. Apple-13 grams of sugar bannana- 18 grams If you want low sugar fruit go with melons. 2 resse cups have 12 grams dont be a hypocrite! Lol
  14. What I ate today, Woke up 5:30 am, start work at 7 breakfast- big bowl of organic, cranberry and wheat cereal w/soy milk. 10:30 a.m- carrots and dip, with a salad/ tofu and cheese. 1:00 p.m- apple and peanut butter. soy ice cream sandwich 4:00 p.m - cheesy baked potatoe with brown rice. 6:00 p.m- nutrigrain bar now- rest of my brown rice and some green tea. yes im a vegetarian