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  1. White Fox:: Thanks/ i am going to give head and shoulders a try vinegar is to much of a hassle. izzie:: Woot. I hope head and shoulders clears it all up./ I cut dairy out of my diet and take supplements for my calcium. My acne has cleaned alot just from that. On my face I use some avon stuff Ill get the name of it and post it.
  2. Spott: THanks for the information man. I read about the tooth decay after I took the shot, lol. It's all clearing up now and looking a lot better. I CUT all DAIRY out of my diet and wow it sure makes a difference. Still doing the vinegar wash about 4 times a week.
  3. Man oh man~ my acne is getting worse and worse every day. Another day gone by...
  4. Well it looks like people have reading the threads below and above you and I. I am purchasing Apple cider vinegar and they say Drinking it every day also helps completion and with acne so If I drink it and apply it. DOUBLE whammy. Kills two birds with one stone.
  5. I hear you dude. I dont want to post pics of my face either. Ewww I know that kid lol, lol. You know they have the same problem though if they are on here. Seems like every thing is going in order for you/ You will get there woot.
  6. Hope all goes well. Keep on pushing and believing. Visualize the clear skin, it will come.
  7. Svelter: Thanks man I will keep that in mind. For Now Ill play out the vinegar and if that don't work Head and shoulders then the Magic light... freakky: Heh, Yeah my back is worse by far. I don't have to much else where it;s just red dots and piles of em lots on the arms and stuff. Chest theres a couple red things. I have good compared to others... For the vinegar I an using Cider Vinegar, 5% acid by volume. Going burn those suckers off. Listen to them scream... EDIT: I had a littl
  8. Good luck dude. I hope every thing works out for you...
  9. Woot another routine to try if vinegar does not work. Thanks...
  10. Thanks/ This will be my first step into fighting the beautiful thing of acne. YAY....
  11. This shit is seriously nasty. I have not wanted to take my shirt off for a couple years now. Finally decided to research into "Acne", hah. I have It all over my body. Chest, arms, knees, little on my legs etc. Fucking gross. The only place I dont really have it is on my face, thank god. I get on my neck and the odd one on my face. No biggy just pop that sucker looks like a caught myself shaving, unless it's on my forehead or nose. So what happend to your nose? "oh I dont know, I think it was