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  1. Glad I could provide something.. I think that's really unfortunate that your doctor wouldn't Rx you duac. As things really started to turn around for me after using it for a couple months. I think the reason is that retin-a and duac address different causes of acne. The large cysts I was getting around my jawline didn't clear up with the retin-a alone. (of course just after writing this post I get a moderate one on my forehead!) I'm in my 30s and was really at my wits end for dealing with
  2. I haven't posted on here in many months, but thought I should report some good things, as I used to post only to report the bad... I've been on RAM (retin-a micro .04%) for 9 months now. I use it every evening and rarely ever miss. (Btw, I also always mix the RAM with equal part moisturizer on my fingertip before applying) After my first 3 mos on RAM, I also added Duac, which I use every morning (again, almost w/out fail). I can now say, my skin is the best it's been in years. I get the occ
  3. I usually post on here when I'm feeling unhappy & desperate - so I decided to come on and make some happy reports instead. I'm 32, and have suffered from acne since age 13 (with a few good years in my late 20's). In the last 1-2 years, I've had a resurgence of multiple cysts around my jawline/neck and a ton of stubborn closed comedones. I've been on retin-a micro (.04%) for about 4 months. Man, that initial breakout was REALLY rough for me! But I got through the worst of it. After ab
  4. There's a difference between Retin-A cream and Retin-A gel. It's been said that the cream can potentially clog pores, and for that reason you should instead use the gel. (Remember that retin-a is also prescribed for wrinkles, in which case the cream might be better when there's no concern of pore clogging acne). At least that's what I've heard on the bizillion websites & message boards I've been on concerning Retin-A. (I'm on week 17ish of retin-a micro .04% gel)
  5. Hi Irin99 - thanks for the updates After 15ish weeks on RAM, I decided to go back to the derm as I'm still breaking out a ton around my jawline (and one temple). Some days I'm happy with my skin, others I think it sucks. What is better though is my overall skin tone, and the blackheads on my nose (and somewhat on my chin) are finally starting to disappear. The derm (can someone relate to the notion that they don't seem to know shite!) - anyway after many "I don't know, hard to say, it cou
  6. Unfortunately using retin-a takes a LOT of patience. I'm on week 15(ish), and yes, I'm still breaking out. Some days my skin looks great, some days it is definitely worse than when I started 3+ months ago. What I have noticed is even though I'm still breaking out, my skin tone is better overall and my lifetime nose/chin blackheads are starting to disappear. BUT some days I really want to quit. You never think it will take so long, so just hang in there a while. My advice &&&
  7. Hi. I've been on RAM (.04%) for about 13 weeks. I keep a bottle of aloe vera gel (green kind usually used for sunburns) in the refrigerator. I'm not sure how other people use it, but I don't use it the same as I would my standard moisturizer. I use it specifically on those spots or patches that are really causing me trouble in terms of flaking, peeling, and/or irritation (the cold gel feels really good on those burny areas). I usually massage it into those spots in the morning and then follo
  8. Hi. I've been using the RAM (.04%) pump for the past 13 weeks... almost always, one pump ends up to be a pea-sized amount. This is the benefit of the pump, as all recommendations I've seen (retin-a website, online recommendations, derm recs) say to use ONE pea-sized amount on your entire face. I'm a little confused by the last post as 4 pea-sized pumps is WAY more than the recommended dose! (see: http://www.retinamicro.com/correctwaytouse.asp). From everything I've read, and trust me in the
  9. Not sure if this is still a problem for you, but I also get a couple spots that seem to have this reddish burning every now and then from RAM. I apply refrigerated aloe vera gel (the green kind for sunburns). This feel really really good, and helps the redness/peeling. Also the aloe I use has lidocaine which also helps the discomfort a bit. I'm at 10.5 weeks and it has gotten better...
  10. I'm at 10.5 weeks on RAM and my face is also a little bit worse then it was before (although it's getting harder to remember!). There are some things that are better (my nose blackheads seem to be disappearing which is a first).. and I haven't gotten the big cysts I was getting on my jawline since starting. But I'm still breaking out a lot and the areas seem to just keep switching... I'm gonna keep going for now, but it's hard.
  11. I can't really say whether the retin-a will work for you, but I can mention a few of my experiences. I've been on Retin-a Micro .04% for 9.5 weeks. Over the course I've had peeling, flaking, and redness. My acne also went from mild to moderate, although it's starting to clear up some. I had persistent blackheads in my t-zone, and these are starting to clear up for the first time in 15 years. My many closed comedomes are also starting to be fewer. I've found it to be a really difficult proc
  12. I really really feel for you! I had mild acne that has bumped up to moderate since starting RAM about 9.5 weeks ago. It's been really hard! Some weeks are better than others, and it's really up and down. I'm really trying to stick it out to minimum of 12 weeks. The way I see it, I've already come this far and from what I understand your face will not immediately go back to the way it was before you started if you were to stop - so you may as well stick it out a while longer. I have found
  13. Hi, I'm at 9.5 weeks on RAM and have experienced redness & flaking beginning in week 1. Because I'm afraid of aggravating my skin with too many products, I don't use any exfoliating scrubs. However, in the morning after washing my face initially, I use a wash cloth and GENTLY rub the areas that are giving me the most flaking (and then apply gentle moisturizer). This seems to help most of the time. When it doesn't help, or the flaking is really bad - my secret weapon has been refrigerat
  14. Hi, I have insurance and I paid $30 for .04% Retin-a Micro. The price tag on the pump says $138 (!). I'm also 9.5 weeks in and there seems to be plenty left in the pump still...
  15. I'm on my 7th week of Retin-A micro...and I definitely am still breaking out, in fact much worse then when I started (although fewer cystic ones). From what I understand, this is normal...so I'm just trying to wait it out. I would definitely stick with a mild cleanser, and mild lotion. I use Aveeno ultra-calming foaming cleanser. Hope this helps!