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  1. Dr. Grandel makes Azulene cream, add small amount of jojoba oil if needed. Azulene by Dr. Grandel is the ONLY thing that worked for me = )
  2. and i finished accutane about 4 months ago. It does get better!! My best suggestion to those going to be on accutane, cut your dose in half and take the medicine for a longer time, then start to spread out taking accutane weekly, then monthly. DON'T GET PREGNANT!!!
  3. YUP YUP YUP. I knew it wasn't in my head. I have had THE SAME little bumps, on my cheeks, inner upper arms, insides of elbows, forarms, under chin (where I never had acne before). I will tell you what has helped me, my face is now 80% better and still improving. (1) Medimorphosis exfoliator by Cosmedicine (at least 1x a day). (2) gentle extractions by a friend with a black head remover (only on the easy ones, do not force them!). (3) Use your moisturizer 2 times daily and add jajoba oil if neede
  4. it doesn't scar! the small needle prick is the trick, but only when the pimple is ready!!! I learned how to do this under care of my dermatologist!
  5. 1. Clean with alcohol 2. Gently poke the center of the cyst with the sewing needle (sterilyzed) 3. Use "blackhead remover" (Revlon makes them, pick up at walgreens). These are the things with the loop at the end. Place loop around cyst. Gently press to sqeeze puss out. DO NOT CUT! 4. Sterilize with alcohol. wash face off. 5. dont poke it if its not ready!! hope this helps! PS: use "the ZENO" to make it come to a head faster.... this seriously works! Check my blog for more! Peace!
  6. Try Azulene cream by Dr. Grandel (look online). It s the ONLY thing that works for me!!! As for makeup. Clinique powder, not the almost powder makeup, but just the powder. You could also apply with a kabuki brush! Use a new sponge every day! Espicially while your are OFF of accutane. Say goodbye to foundation!!!
  7. The risk is it will put tremendous pressure on the livers ability, which is already at risk on accutane. But you have to do the monthly tests anyway, so to tell you the truth, I have a drink or two now and then, but im not going to push it! Good luck! Party safe!
  8. I read somewhere that the generic brand can only differ from the original drug by up to 10%. I used the accutane, but now im on clarivis.... but I am wondering about how long term affects will differ. Although, it seems to be working the same, I am on 80 mg daily, and last time I took it I was on 40mg, 80mg on alternating days. Hmmm.... food for thought. I may ask my derm to convert me. We shall see!
  9. LOVE THIS STUFF i use 35% glycolic gel peel i found on amazon.com once your clear, use it as a preventative in your daily maintenance program!!!!
  10. Try clearing acne with 3 months antibiotics (amoxicillan), then start acutane. This way the skin heals better while your on the antibiotics, it clears up, then you can start the accutane, without ANY SCARS and without any intial breakout! THANK GOD. I asked my derm to do this, and she wrote me the script! It worked!!!! Remember, even if you are clear after the initiall 3 months of antibiotics, dont stop, because oral antibiotics are only a quick fix!!!!
  11. Do it again. I did my homework and research and I see that accutane is your best best for right now. I LOVE IT!!!! The 6th time is the charm. Ask your doc to prescribe two courses of treatment, that can help with long term effectiveness. (5 months on, 2 months off, 5 months off). Also I would try Perricones daily vitamins. As you begin accutane go on antiiotics to clear up what you have (Amoxicillan works, nothing else). Also try 35 % glycolic acid peel. You can find some on amazon.com . Hope t
  12. My abridged history: I had acne as a 10 year old girl. Then as an adult, it became CHRONIC CYSTIC ACNE. So..... from antibiotics to creams to vitamins to accutane...WHAT REALLY WORKS? I tried EVERYTHING. NOTHING worked alone. BUT SOME of the things that failed before do work in combination with others. After extensive research and trial and error... Now I have figured it out. I finally found a way to share my years of experience and research with other people. More details soon. HERE are my ti