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  1. sannagray


    I went to her once and she was very rude, and charged me a ridiculous amount for a literal 3 minute consult
  2. Yes I do have very sensitive skin/dermatitis that flares up a lot and becomes red. This causes me to break out too I think bc of the irritation. I always thought that this was just genetic, but I think this may have been caused by long term tretinoin/differin use. I have tried antibiotics but that haven’t really done anything for me, that’s why I’m considering low dose accutane (which I think is sometimes prescribed for rosacea too?) Yes I’ve been afraid to take it, but I think the fact t
  3. Thank you for replying! Can accutane potentially worsen scarring or cause atrophy?
  4. I am a 22 year old female that had some cystic acne for ~2 years, and I now have some scarring. I saw Dr. Rullan today and he said that I have icepick/boxcars and that I should do TCA cross and Erbium laser. I am very scared of doing treatment and ending up worse than before (especially with the horror stories I've heard about lasers). I also am considering going on low dose accutane (which I have never taken) because I still have persistent blackheads/whiteheads and the occasional cyst, but I a