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  1. Hey guys, I have pitted scars along with some rolling and a few raised ones on my jaw. My derm actually excised my raised ones recently and theyre gone completely but its really red, almost purple/black. My main concern is my pitted scars, rolling scars, and some scarred pores. My derm said I can get juvederm done in the bigger ones but he also told me, whatever i can flatten out between my 2 fingers. Has anybody had any good results with juvederm? when i stretch out my skin with my fingers, yo
  2. i've suffered far too long from acne and i finally went on my second course of accutane. first one was cut short due to complications. right now i have had only 2 pimples in the past month. it feels great, my skins not oily, and i was starting to get more self esteem. yet i looked at myself and still felt that my face was different from that of a person with clear skin. i've realized the scars over the years really made its mark. so basically what im trying to say is...i've fought acne for o
  3. can you take omega 3 fish oil if you are on antibiotics? im on amoxcillin.
  4. My parents will never understand the hardships of acne. They try their best to understand but they just can't. My accutane was working for me a weak in. I never expected such dramatic reactions within a week. But the side effects got the best of me and I had a problem with my eye. Went to the eye doctor, and he said its related to the accutane. Now my mom won't ever let me go near that stuff. Totally sucks, cause now im freaking out that I have to deal with acne even longer!! Then she brings ove
  5. so i've been on accutane for a week, side effects kicked in. got my IB, dry lips, dry face, and nose bleeds. nothing i can't handle so its okay. one thing i noticed was my skin becoming very dry on my cheeks but not my forehead. my cysts were sore and kept me awake but last night i put on cetaphil moisturizer and it dramatically improved my skin. like i mean, all the big cysts are starting to flatten. moisturizing rocks!
  6. thats what happened to me . it really sucked, i started breaking out in mid march and i thought it was just a simple break out. now its the end of april and it got worse and worse. i never leave the house unless i go to school, which is still very hard. i got put on accutane and i started for a week. going through my initial breakout, but things are seeming to flatten. hope things work out. i can relate to exactly what you're going through. had my brother's friends over because my parents were
  7. um if you are talking about doxycyclin. then no it doesn't affect accutane. i was on it and i went to my derm. he prescribed me accutane and i said i'm taking doxycycline. he told me to stop taking it..and a week later i am going to pick up my pills from the pharmacy.
  8. hopefully it'll get better. thanks to those of you for respsonding, and those who've read. im sure some of you guys can relate. cuz acne sucks. i hate it!! i hate it so damn much!!!! did i mention i hate acne?!?!?!
  9. i hate acne with a passion. i hope they find a cure so that nobody would ever have to face such a feeling. its indescribable. like the fact that you know your skin looks like shit but theres absolutely nothing in your power to make it go away. i just needed somewhere to vent. feel free to read this or not but i am so fed up with acne. ive always had acne but never to such an extent. it never really bothered me and i'd get spots here and there. i had a high school girlfriend that i was with for a
  10. hey guys. so i've had acne ever since i was 15. it was always mild to moderate and never really gave it much attention. about 5 months ago i thought i was done with acne because ive been clear for a while. within those months ive had the worst break out of my life and now i am stuck with severe acne. everything i have tried before is not working. i know it sounds a bit strange but i think i am still finishing up with puberty. i thought i was done but i rememberd when i was 13 or 14 that my nippl