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  1. oh its called "secret shave" i think i forgot to include that sry, anybody ever use it?
  2. anybody try this new supposedly awesome shave oil? i cant find anything on wether its derm tested or what. Thanks guys. Oh by the way, anybody using shaving cream, definetly try the gel its so much better and less irritating. cheers
  3. Im taking the omega 3 fish oil 1000 mg, how many am I supposed to take? lol i cant figure it out with all the grams and diff amounts they say to take. Thanks a lot. oh ive been taking 4 a day for two weeks.
  4. i felt the same way, nervous about sharing a bathroom with other dudes and stuff, but nobody cares, try to meet as many people as you can, its def not like high school where thers cliks and stuff. Make as many friends as possible, and dont worry about lookin in the mirror in front of peeps, actually what i did near the end of last year my freshman year, put a mirror in the shower, wash your face in there, brush teeth in there even, tape a little mirror up nobody 'll take it down lol, theyll ap
  5. I get like 10 little whiteheads when i wake up around my mouth and stach area, so i gotta run to the bathroom wen i wake up cuz its embarresing, what can i do? thx
  6. heres the thing ive been on the regimen for a long time a year, id have severe acne without it, i just want something to calm the redness down for some occasions, u kno parties and stuff, no flakiness or anything
  7. aveeno ultra calming i can only find the sun protectant one is there a regular moisturizer?
  8. Hi, i have decently red skin from the regimen, what moisturizer can help me with that? Thanks guys
  9. hi, is using hand sanitizer the same as washing ur hands? can u just do this instead of having to go to the bathroom to apply treatment? thanks
  10. really? what if i leave sweat on my face without touching for like a couple of hours?
  11. i only do once a day full cleansing bp and moisturize at night and its working great, but my question is does sweating affect acne? if im biking for an hour and sweating alot, do i have to wipe it off or wash my face when im finished? thx guys
  12. whats the effects of saltwater on acne does it worsen it? goin on a 5 day-er to the beach
  13. if i got hit with a slurpie, id be pissed for like 5 seconds and then itd be funny