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  1. I think this is probably a very personal thing. My face has never been clearer than when I was lifting hard (ages 15-21) and now that I've stopped for several years, my skin is at it's worst! lol.
  2. Link: http://www.new-chapter.com/ or saerch on drustore.com They look amazing. The multivitamins are also probiotics, and the composition just generally looks very unique compared to synthetic vitamin tablets. However, I can't find many reviews of them aside from what's on the drugstore.com website. Thanks for any insight!
  3. I've heard that you can apply bp first, then wash/rinse face and moisturize 10 minutes later to kill the bacteria but reduce skin redness and irritation. Has anyone had luck with this method?
  4. I don't know what would happen... but anything that comes in packaging is probably best avoided. A handful of walnuts gives a good dose of omega 3s, so does a can of tuna or sardines, So does veggie sticks dipped in a high omega 3 oil and vinegar dressing. Just some ideas of snack sources of o3s.
  5. Thanks Jemini! I've been drinking raw milk for a couple months now with no problems. I just found a local seller recently, and get it twice a week from the farmer's market. I will look into kefir. I would love to be able to make it myself from the raw milk. I may end up quitting the raw milk once pregnant, since listeria essentially = fetal death, even though the chances of listeria are so slim, still not a risk I think I'll take. I'm going to check out the kefir with google and see how
  6. I wanted to add- I eat a relatively healthy diet with almost no refined carbs/sugars. We eat mostly lean meats, veggies, beans, nuts, and fruits. I do drink a lot of milk, but I try to drink raw milk most of the time. Also, I'm a mama, and trying to get pregnant again, so I try to avoid any supplements/foods that are not recommended during pg.
  7. Hi all, I wanted to post my current results taking 2000mg of EPO per day (approx 150-200mg GLA), along with a handful of other supplements: 4.8g omega 3 fish oil of which 2g is DHA (Jarrow Formulas Max DHA) Women's One a Day 3g spirulina When I started the EPO, I doubled the omega 3 oil (from 2.4 to 4.8g) to compensate for the additional omega 6s, so this may also affect my results. Anyway, my previously greasy hair is no longer greasy. I used to have very slick hair by the end of the day,
  8. I mix a drop into my moisturizing oil in about a 1:4 ratio so it's diluted to 25% strength.
  9. Youtube, I'm not sure where you are getting your information, but all of my myriad sunscreens are labeled UVA/UVB protection. But I do agree that some sun exposure for Vit D is a great idea! Other causes of the recent increase in sun cancer may include thinner ozone layer and better diagnosis. 100 years ago, people may have been dying of skin cancer but just didn't know it, or didn't live long enough to reach the age when skin cancer generally starts. To the original poster, I would not
  10. Quoting THEREALCURE: "This is not a joke, if followed it will work for everyone, all humans are the same" on the first page of this post, then later, "Also there is no such thing as a real Gi because everyones pancreas reacts differently" Hmmm.... Of course a healthy lifestyle will improve any chronic medical condition. Eating healthily involves trying to eat foods that our bodies have adapted to over thousands of years. Similarly, having a healthy, active sex life is something human bei
  11. Try www.skinstore.com- I've had things shipped to Switzerland from them with no problems.
  12. Ideally, we want a 1:1 ratio or 1:4 max ratio of omega 3 to omega 6. In our diet, it's usually way out of whack, which is why supplementing with omega 3s is a great idea. However, if we then add in more omega 6 in the form of a supplement, it seems to me that we'd need to increase the omega 3 dose to compensate. However, I haven't found any research on this. I'm just curious if other people have reached this same conclusion. Well, yesterday I took 2g of EPO orally, and applied the contents
  13. Hi, if anyone is taking EPO for skin health, what dosage are you using, and is it helping? Have you increased your omega 3 consumption to balance out the additional omega 6 from the EPO? If it worked, how long to see results? Also, do you apply topically as well as take internally? Thanks very much! Although my skin is about 80% clear with the DKR, I hate the fact that my face hurts/itches/flakes from dryness and am looking for some other solution that is kinder to my skin.