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  1. I'll join everyone on this. It's so upsetting, my skin has been mostly clear for a while but just a few days ago I started getting a few small bumps on my cheeks. Now a few days later after picking and squeezing my face is back to square one and even more breakouts are forming. All my progress down the drain. Picking is bad news all around, I just gotta keep reminding myself of that every time I pass by that stupid magnifying mirror It's 11:57pm here so I'll start at the stroke of midnight, a
  2. I'm from central fl too, what area do you live in?

  3. I used this for a long time and I really liked it. It never broke me out but I think it was still a bit too thick for me in the long run. I've used the yes to carrots stuff as well but I think the cucumber stuff is the better lotion. I've never tried the cleanser, but I think I might give it a go! They just discontinued the face was I've been using :[
  4. Cause acne or not, there's no way I'm getting rid of my pets
  5. My skin went from being totally clear to completely oil slicked and broken out in the past 3 days. Plus anxiety attacks have come back with a vengeance, which I'm sure is not helping my skin, which I'm sure is not helping my anxiety either. And I just ran out of retin-a. All during finals week. I don't think I'm feeling good about anything today
  6. I think you may be talking about floaters. I haven't taken accutane myself, but I do have floaters also. My doctor told me they're harmless but that there's nothing we can really do about them. I looked it up and accutane can most certainly cause them, as can any high dosage of vitamin A. The site I was on seemed to suggest that it's possible for the floaters to go away, but since vitamin A is stored in the liver for quite a long time, it might take years for excessive vitamin A in the liver to
  7. This post really hit home for me. I've been dealing with social anxiety for just about half of my life, although it was brought on by more than just bad skin, the acne certainly made it a lot harder to deal with. Its a slippery slope from just being self-conscious to full-fledged severe social anxiety, and I'm glad you decided to come back to raise awareness about it. It's easy enough to put your life on hold and just tell yourself you'll go out tomorrow, or you'll go out when your skin is clear
  8. There are plenty of other treatment options which will probably suit your skin much better than accutane. I'd say stay away from it, since it is a very harsh drug. Have you tried any topicals, prescription or otherwise? Retin-a micro works very well for me.
  9. What type of scars do you have? Mostly I had a lot of discoloration that would remain after even a really small pimple. Like I said I heal really slowly, so maybe my scars were more like a "perpetual state of trying and failing to heal." Not to mention I used to pick a LOT. They were mostly brown or reddish, slightly raised, SOMETIMES they're fade to white and shiny, but mostly they'd just stick it out at brown or dark pink. Sorry I can't give you a better description, I just don't know w
  10. I think so long as candida isn't the cause of your acne then by all means, a glass of red wine a day is said to be beneficial in many ways
  11. Vitamin E worked really really well for me in healing my scars. Usually I'm an INCREDIBLY slow healer *looks down at scab that has been on arm for two months* but the vitamin E definitely sped up the process on my face. The vitamin E oil I use has lemon essential oil added to it as well, which I think is working with the E on fading marks and evening out skin tone in general. I'd highly recommend adding a bit of lemon oil to your routine and seeing if it helps even more Good luck!
  12. I was in a situation similar to this a few years back, due to acne, among other things... I never ever left the house, my friends, those who stuck around anyway, all but thought me dead for not seeing or hearing from me for months and months. I was self-hating, self-mutilating, half way to psychosis and ready to be carted off to the hospital (except I was carted off, and trust me, please don't go. Those are not the kind of places where you go to "get better"). But it does get better, eventually
  13. This is a great recipe! I'm gonna try me out some homemade almond milk
  14. There's something called "chasteberry" (named so because in the past it was used to lower the libido of monks to help them keep their vows of chastity, although there's not really any evidence supporting that it did any such thing ). Supposedly it's really good at helping regulate women's hormones, which would be helpful to you considering breakouts on the chin and jawline area are indicative of hormonal issues. As an added bonus, it's also used for fertility in women! Here's a website I fou