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  1. Topical cream only helps on things like discoloration, uneven texture etc. For real scarring, you need to get real treatments(laser, dermbrasion, filler ...)
  2. Here is my take on this. If you get injected with a large amount of permanent filler(silicone or not) when you are relatively young, you could look unnatural or even 'weird' 20 years down the road. That's because you face is going to lose some volume due to aging process but those filler will always remain there. However, since the augment effect of silicone micro-injection is mainly from the collagen of your own body and those collagen are formed around many tiny silicone beads, instead of
  3. Bama2000, Do you mean you saw good improvement for the first 2-3 weeks, then it's gone on the 4th week? How long did your swelling last? What kind of scarring do you have? I'm sorry that hear that you are disappointed at the results. Maybe it's not a bad idea to pay a visit to Dr. Lam or just ask him on his forum why you didn't respond well.
  4. Hey, welcome back! I'm sure you missed the HOT summer here... Today is the 10th day after my treatment. Swelling is 95% gone. A few fading red spots here and there. Give it a few more days, they will disappear for sure. Most of my scars have gone back to where they were. A couple of them have noticeable improvement though. One is on my temple. It used to be a deep line kind. Now the line is shallower and narrower. The other is on one side of my cheeks. It was a half penny size depr
  5. Enoch, I'd say my swelling & bruise have gone down about 80%. Earlier this week, it WAS bad! I felt very embarrassed when I went to work. Some quite obvious purplish/bluish/reddish spots all over my cheeks. It's getting much better now. I still have a few dark/red spots as well as some small bumps. They look just like a few fading breakouts. Unless you study my face closely, I don't think you would be able to tell I had something done. Based on the information I got from this forum,
  6. I also read in multiple sources that silicone is the most effective filler available for treating acne scarring. It's not that good for stuff like wrinkles. In fact, some PS who offer silicone injection say they would do it only on acne scarring and lips. My understanding is that compared with other fillers, silicone microdroplet can be placed very precisely with the greatest control. That makes a big difference.
  7. Okay, it has been almost 24 hours since my first visit to Dr Lam. So far so good! Just as Drew described, he is a very personable and straight-forward guy. His staff are also very friendly. After looking at my face for 30 seconds, he told me that I was gonna get good result with silicone injection. He actually pinpointed the scars that would likely respond well. Most of them are rolling-type depressed ones. He said silicone wouldn't work on large-pore like holes, which i have a few. He
  8. hey guys, I think those before & afters show you what kind of doctor dr. lam is, he doesn't try to BS anyone with lighting, photoshop, or gimmicks like some people do. pakifairy, you really need to send a pic into dr. lam and show him your scarring, he'll be able to evaluate whether or not your scarring will respond. Thats what I did even before I met him
  9. don't think the 4th one would be the magic.
  10. I have asked a PS before about this. He said it's possible that you would get some permanent improvement from temp filler, but most likely just a little bit. Most people on this forum who did that says the effect is just temporary. You can definitely start w/ radiesse to see how it works on you, but just keep realistic expectation.
  11. No, it does not...I had many rounds of silicone before having 5 rounds of Fraxel and no bad side effects.