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  1. I would like to know if there is anything i should try b4 accutane..i tried dan's regimen didnt work..differin it didnt work...bp makes it WORSE! My acne is not like big cysts but it very inflamated!!!!!!
  2. Me, as soon as i got on tane after 2 weeks i didnt broke out anymore, but i only took 2 mothns and had to stop and they came back
  3. Hi, im 18 and i need accutane really bad, im a virgin and i would like to know wat the doctor is gonna ask me to do, if u could tell me i will be very thankfull.
  4. yes but u didnt anwer if they will or not ask me to see a obgyn
  5. PLZ ppls answer me, im a female and 18 yrs old and i need accutane!!!! But first i got a few questions: Will my doctor ask me to go see a OBGYN?????? Im NOT sexually active and i dont wanna have to deal with birthcontrol shit! So plz tell me wats the doctor gonna ask me!!! Thank u !