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  1. Yasmin helped me the most followed by Demulen and spironolactone.
  2. I don't think there is any way to know for sure unless you go off the BC. What BC are you on?
  3. I don't know of anything like that, and you can't take anything that would mess with your estrogen levels since it would interfere with conception. I went off the pill four years ago to get pregnant with my first child (who will be three next month) and then continued to stay off of it after I was done breastfeeding (when my son was 13 months old) so that I could ttc for number two. That took 1.5 years and there was nothing I could take that was remotely similar to the BCP I was taking since i
  4. I hated Ortho Tri-Cyclin and it didn't make my skin clear. I had great results with Yasmin.
  5. i know that this is a very old thread, but for those for anyone for whom bcp seems like a bad idea, can you please list some reasons why? Well, there is the whole increased risk of having blood clots and stroke when you're on the pill, but I was on it for over 13 years and never had any trouble. I was told by several gynecologists that there has been some evidence that you may have increased risk of getting breast cancer from being on the pill long-term, but that is countered by a decreas
  6. You're lucky to be seeing Wicked again! I'm definitely going to see it again if I get the chance.

  7. Pregnancy is going well, thanks for asking. I'm 15 weeks today and due on 3/17/09. I am feeling little baby flutters already, but this is also my second pregnancy, so you tend to show as well as feel movement earlier. Glad to hear your skin is doing well.
  8. hey! i love WICKED too! i'm going to see it for the second time this thursday!! YAY!!!

  9. I forgot to put make-up on before work on Friday so I had to pick up some at the drug store. I bought L'Oreal true match foundation and concealer and it is pretty good. I like my Prescriptives stuff better, but for the money, the True Match stuff is good!
  10. Great to here that, Kel! I haven't been on in a while and I just PM-ed you beore I read this, actually. I decided to not follow my derm and OB's advice and started to use a small bit of BP on my affected areas twice a day about 2-3 weeks ago and it has made a big difference. I think the hormones are leveling out too, though. BTW- How is your pregnancy going?
  11. I hate it too. I am trying out some Origins samples I got and I don't think it's agreeing with me. It could just be pregnancy hormones, too. So hard to say right now.
  12. So it's still working for you even if you rinse it off? :think:
  13. My libido was in overdrive and I was a complete pyscho chick on it. My bf (who is now my husband) begged me to come off of it after two months. I switched to Yasmin and it was fantastic for me. Everyone is different though. Give yourself at least two months or so to adjust to it before deciding to switch (if need be.)
  14. So I am trying this but I find it to be a bit drying despite moisturizing before and after. Any suggestions to cut down on the dryness and flakes?
  15. I personally feel that people shouldn't buy what is trendy but whatever suits their figure and body type. I see so many women dressed in trendy stuff that accentuates all their problem areas. You can be trendy with your accessories and the such to keep your look current. (Do you think I've been watching a little too much Stacey and Clinton recently? )