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  1. im in high school and have had that problem, the one thing you need to do is not pick or squeeze the pimples really hard, this will make them larger and redder and they will scab up and be even more noticable, just put alot of bp on them and drink lots of water, everyone has acne its not something to worry about
  2. i have been getting big pimples/ cysts/ ingrown hairs on my neck where my hair line ends, they usually dont come to white heads and are big and swollen, does anyone know why im getting them and if i should just treat them like acne?
  3. hi, i have these little whitish bumps on certain spots of my face and neck that if i squeeze them, hard white stuff comes out, the next day the spot will be large and red and sometimes a whitehead. sometimes i go crazy and just pop them all and my face goes from barely being able to notice the bumps to the next day having giants red pimples all over my face. does any one know what they are and how to get rid of them or how to help me stop squeezing at my face???
  4. hi i have been struggling with acne/whiteheads/blackheads on my jawline for a few monthes since i have been shaving(i shave twice a week). i have a bad habit of picking at the acne i get too. i have three medicines from my derm: finacea for morning and ziana for bed time and a BP fash wash twice a day, it has seemed to help a little bit but sometimes i still break out bad, im thinking it could be ingrown hairs because its comes where i shave but they are white heads and black heads just like i