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  1. Happy B-day!!! I'm 19 too...by the way do you like Twilight or is Bella really you're name

  2. apparently im a mix between kiera knightly,audry hepburn and vanesssa miliano! haha i wish!
  3. i've just spilt from my boyfriend of a year and a half and i dont know how to carry on. he was my first proper boyfriend and i loved him soo much,i still do,he was my world,my heartbeat, i dont know how im gonna live without him. i just feel so depressed right now,like theres nothing else to live for. I really thought he was ' the one' hes so amazing,everthing you could ask for in a boyfriend. i cant stop crying, ive cried myself to sleep the past few nights. I try and think postive about things
  4. from a girls point of view i can honestly say that personality DOES matter and like another poster said its all about the confidence,someone doesn't have to be the best looking person but if they have a great personality then you'll find them more attractive physically aswel. i would choose a guy with some some acne scarring who treated me right over some ' pretty boy' who was a twat ANY DAY! dont stress yourself out by thinking youv gotta get a girlfriend,good things come to those who wait
  5. if you look on the acne treatments section of this website,and look up fruit of the earth aloe vera gel there seems to be quite a lot of reviews claiming that it helped heal scars and fade red/pink marks really quickly,also makes your skin soft and evens out skin tone, i have yet to try it myself yet but i am thinking of buying a bottle now!
  6. im hopefully going to see a derm soon and i hope that i'll be put on accutane but can you take zinc supplements whilst on it or will it affect how the drug works? or should i start taking it after i have finished my course to help keep the oil down? thankies x
  7. Hey eveyone,i've been reading quite a lot in this forum and there seems to be quite a few threads saying that milk and sugar can lead to breakouts and i drink about 8 cups of tea a day,with two sugars and milk in each cup,is this too much do you think? thinking about it now i actually do think it could be the milk and sugar causing my acne beacuse when i was on vacation last year because it was sooo hot i wasn't drinking any tea just bottles of water, i also was eating just salads,no fatty foo
  8. hey,thanks for your help , i think i'm gonna try the threading as i want a more defined eyebrows,wonder how much it costs in the uk
  9. hey girlies...and guys i was just wondering if anyone could tell me exactly was eyebrow threading is? i was going to get mine waxed but heard threading is better, can someone please tell me the pros and cons? thankies
  10. " awwww arn't you a pretty little thing" " wow you have the prettiest eyelashes and the cutest nose" i get really embarressed when someone compliments me, i just think " yeah come a lil closer and you wouldnt say that"
  11. i was wondering if anyone could help me with finding a good self tanner? one for the face and the body. preferably something that wont streak and make me look like a tangerine. Has anyone tried any of the st. tropez products?? thanks in advance!