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best make up i have ever used. i will not put ANYTHING on my face except for this. gives me great coverage, whether i'm looking for full coverage or light coverage. i used this when my acne was at its worst and it still covered it up completely. now i just use it to cover up spots, scars, and dark under eye circles. it has never broken me out. it's very soft and natural looking. could get pricey if you go through foundation fast or use it all the time. i tell everyone about bare minerals and rec

By sophiena1143,

dramatically reduced oil, less acne i still got an occasional cyst around that time of the month it's worth a try.

By sophiena1143,

cleared my skin within the first week. the only thing that has ever worked for me. chance of risky side effects, monthly bloodwork, ipledge -its a big commitment! if you want to be clear indefinitely and make a huge life change, accutane is the way to go

By sophiena1143,