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  1. Just want to add to Libby's comment about thinking too much/fast being related to acne. I think this is true and it's related to stress. Not sure if you are allowed to post links here so do a search on "ask dr stoll." you will come to his web site...this is a dr who believes many ailments (including acne) are related to people not realizing/controling their fight or flight response. He recommends relaxation techniques. in reading acne message boards over the past few years a number of people
  2. LeetLeetLoo, It took me about 4 months before i really started seeing difference. I know...it's a long time. But considering 27 years on the SAD diet (the standard american diet)...how can you expect your body to "heal" within just a few days or weeks? Stick with it!!! Good luck!!!
  3. Libby, Thank you for sharing your story. I hope (REALLY, REALLY HOPE) that people who read it will take action and change their diet. Because it's just not about skin problems...it's about overall health and preventing disease (diabetes, cancer and all those syndromes) I too have controlled by acne through diet. (that's why I don't post the acne boards as often but I like to post my story occasionally in hopes of helping others and preventing them the agony I went through). My acne was mild t
  4. i think the key is "everything in moderation." i don't think fruit in general is bad. but eating TOO much of it is. same would go for any other food.
  5. dairy in general is supposed to be bad for skin. for one thing it's mucous causing. second, it's bad due to the antibiotics and hormones that cows are given. i definitely break out if i eat too much dairy. if i have a little as part as one meal i'm ok. but if i eat it over the course of a few days i'll get a few blemishes.
  6. here is a good article about diet and acne, "Acne: A Disease of Western Civilization" http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...6&dopt=Abstract
  7. john smith, regarding your question to sweet jade about diet and other skin probs... i've been on a number of other message boards (diabetes, PCOS, hirutism(excess body/face hair), excessive sweating) and MANY, MANY people have indicated their symptoms related to these "ailments" were lessened or CURED by diet. in particular, low simple carb, low sugar. it's taken me 27 years to realize food that comes in a box or can is not "real food" and not very healthy. i'm a firm believer that diet caus
  8. question for fans of manuka honey.... does it work better as a preventive measure (meaning you have to apply it all over your face all the time) or does it work better as a SPOT treeatment? or both.? i'm really just looking for a good SPOT treatment, as i've been controlling my acne with diet (low simple carb, low sugar, low dairy), so the only time i get blemishes is when i eat too much sweets or simple carbs (which, unfortunately i LOVE, a can't get to eliminating completely). thanks!
  9. just wondering...anyone know of any pimple PREVENTIVE food to eat/drink AFTER you eat something "bad"? lost of lemon juice? shot of apple cider vinegar? i wonder about the lemon, because it supposed help the liver cleanse impurities (i already drink lemon juice 2/day). and the apple cider vinegar i read helps restore the ph on your "system" (haven't tried this though but i've read some people have had successes in controlling their acne by drinking acv)
  10. i've been on a low simple carb/low sugar/low dairy diet for about 11 months. i notice i am especially sensitive to sugar, esp white flour product sweets (like cakes). after i eat these a pimple or two shows up within 1 - 3 days.
  11. i think most likely there is a very big difference between vitamins found in FORTIFIED foods and vitamins found NATURALLY in food. yes, i do believe sea salt contain iodine, but it does so naturally. i'd stay away from all fortified food. i eat a good about of veggies with naturally high iodine content. and all i use is sea salt. i don't see it affecting my skin negatively. my skins been very good on the low simple carb/low sugar/low dairy diet. also, i've read many people have notice their
  12. sweetjade, lectin?!?!?! geeeeez! something ELSE to worry about. well i looked it up, and of course, it's found in my fav food: beans! i LOVE beans. that's the other major part of my diet. i used to have it as a whole meal with brown rice. now i have a big salad/vegetables as my main meal and the beans (black, adzuki, or lentil usually) as the side dish. i never used to eat as much beans as i have now and i've had the underarm odor prob since hs, but perhaps i will TRY to go lectin free for a
  13. ok, i've been trying to follow the back and forth on all of this as best as possible, it's sooo confusing. to make things MORE complicated.... i was researching underam arm odor and blood sugar (i've had a prob with strong underam odor since highschool) i'm dx'd with PCOS. anyhow, i came across a few websites that mentioned HYPOglycemia can cause excessive underam odor/sweating. AND that one can become (not permenantly, just temporarily) HYPOglycemic AFTERa meal, if they've had stomach surgery
  14. woah...i'm so confused and bummed. i recently (about 2 months ago) started taking flax seed oil. i've read it was good for health in general, including skin problems. hadn't heard about the estrogenic effect. my skins been pretty good since i've been taking it, of course i started doing a few other new things around the same time. but now i'm thinking i'll stop taking the flax seed oil. but i feel like i need some king of fatty acid supplement ( i don't like fish tough).
  15. alexalmighty, i hate to break it to you, but the oats and milk could be the culprit. some people are VERY sensitive to gluten, which are in oats, which some have noticed this sensitivity with their acne. same goes for milk, worse than oats i think because of the hormones and antibiotics used in cows. many people on this board and others have indicated they completely eliminated dairy and their skin got better. i personally don't seem to be bothered by oats, but dairy YES! i can have some dairy