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  1. @Phuong Nguyen Thank you for your feedback. I was even considering a *very* gentle/weak retinol product (I know, shocking) because I literally don't know what to think anymore! I do know we have to baby our skin to heal it but at the same time I feel we need that extra "oomph" to get the cells to turnover. I have a mild form of rosacea and some people say the skin is "thickened", which is what causes the orange peel texture. Plus, don't pores need to be cleaned otherwise they'll get clogged? Ho
  2. Hi everyone, I bumped into one of my friends the other day and I noticed that her skin looked flawless and way smoother than usual. She said that it's due to the 8% glycolic acid product she's being using. Gahh, I'm so tempted! I did some research and it looks like glycolic acid is good for dry/dehydrated skin. I remember trying 30% glycolic acid years ago (as well as a million other acids/products) which obviously just irritated my skin, but now I'm wondering if I should try a lower percen
  3. You're welcome. If you experience dryness, flakiness and tightness means that your barrier is compromised. However, the fact that there are days when your skin is almost normal and that you're noticing improvements every 3 - 6 months, is great! I keep on reading that red led light (they sell these devices on amazon, etc.) heals wounds and scars, stimulates collagen, repairs damage and is anti-inflammatory....I'm wondering why no one here ever speaks about it though? It does sound promisin
  4. @jackson1234 Oh, please don't be scared! We're all in different situations because of different reasons and our skin types are different. I have rosacea and dehydrated skin. I used to apply layers and layers of acids (glycolic, benzoic, salicylic, retinol, etc.), sunbathe without suncreen and use St Ives Apricot Scrub like no tomorrow!!! I didn't know any better and dermatologists kept on giving me all those aggressive topicals because of my acne... I haven't take pictures of my
  5. @fasthealingI'm not sure if there's a misunderstanding but you said that your issue is a "health issue" and If your skin doesn't look bad/like a bumpy, textured orange, what are your symptoms? Does your face hurt? Is it red? Maybe you could try applying pure aloe. Be careful with oils. Some are actually drying or just "sit" on top of your skin without hydrating it.
  6. @fasthealing I guess we're our own worst critics! I haven't seen your skin but from what you've been saying, your situation sounds better! You don't seem to have huge pores or orange peel texture...as soon as you said "sunburn", I immediately thought "Cicaplast" and "tepezcohuite". Take a look at some before and after pictures of people who have used cicaplast. So many of them had red, inflamed skin either due to topicals or sunburn and cicaplast worked wonders. You should try that and let
  7. I think more than 10 years...it was a bit better before but you know, tanning without sunscreen and applying all sorts of topicals didn't do any good. I know people say "Oh, if you've had this for so long it won't get better" but I'm still optimistic. Like I wrote to you once, little progress is better than no progress. If people's wounds' heal, what makes this any different?
  8. You're right. The "after" pictures are just so...ahhh. It's risky though because not everyone's skin is the same. Anyway, let's focus on healing and treating our skin ever so gently to make up for all the aggressive/abusive topicals and treatments we put on it.
  9. Thanks for your feedback! Yeah...that makes sense. I actually have a bit of rosacea so the idea of putting such a potent acid on my face and poking my skin doesn't sound ideal.
  10. So guys, my brain is obviously telling me that we need to baby our delicate skin but then I across these kind of posts and I get confused!!: This member had orange peel skin and she had TCA peeling done and you can see an improvement. I also saw some pictures of people with huge pores, orange peel texture on cheeks on Instagram and after getting TCA peel, their skin looks incredible (pores and texture practically gone!). What do you guys think??
  11. Oh nooo. Well, astaxanthin is good for other things too so I'll continue. Look for Anahuac oil (aceite de tepezcohuite) on ebay or this product: Mimosa "Tepezcohuite" Absolute Oil (Mimosa Tenuiflora) [Edited link out] Then there's a collagen and vitamin E tepezcohuite cream on amazon. I'm going to try it.
  12. Has anyone tried applying safflower oil on their skin? I've done some research and it looks like it's high in linoleic acid and helps restore the skin barrier.
  13. @fasthealing Sigh, retinoid seems to be the culprit for so many of us. I've also started taking astaxanthin. How long did you take it for? Some sources claim that it takes at least 2 months for it to work. How about regular fish oil/omega 3 or Q10? Make sure you talk to your doctor before though, if you have any medical issues. From what you've written it seems like your issue isn't large pores/orange peel texture, so I think you just need to heal your moisture barrier. Tr
  14. You're welcome. If your skin is red and inflamed, you should definitely avoid the sun. Wear a hat and take vitamin D supplements! Have you heard of tepezcohuite? It's supposed to heal wounds and according to many articles, quite a few Mexicans have been using it to treat burn victims. I don't think many studies have been done on this bark (one should be careful about side-effects) but it's supposed to have regenerative abilities. Are you applying anything to your face? Even if your
  15. So you have orange peel texture but with few pores? Or do you just have inflamed/dehydrated skin? If your skin barrier is damaged, work on soothing/healing that. Use products with few ingredients. Madecassoide is supposed to be very healing. Many people with irritated/inflamed skin swear by La Roche Posay's Cicaplast. You could try that. As for how long it will take, it most likely depends on how damaged your skin is. The more you baby your skin, the quicker it will heal!
  16. As mentioned in other threads and forums, orange peel skin is due to the "damage" caused by aggressive topical acne treatments, overexposure to the sun, etc. Our skin is inflamed and some collagen has probably been broken down so we need to work on repairing and restoring our barrier. These ingredients are our allies: - Centella Asiatica - Niacinamide (more than 5% seems to be irritating so better stick to low percentages) - Ceramides - Licorice Things I'm not sure about
  17. Hi fasthealing! It probably depends on the degree of damage. If your skin is dehydrated, you could first focus on fixing that... Looking at the OP's photo, I don't really see any indents, lines or cracks but mainly pores. Have you tried any pore minimizers? One of my friends has large pores on her nose and Benefits Pore Minimizer works like magic on her!
  18. Hello everyone, I know there are several threaded discussions on this topic on the forum but here's another one to further lift each other's spirits! Now, there are days when I cringe looking at the texture of my skin but then again, do other people really analyze our pores with a magnifying glass while talking to us? Sure, some people might notice but who is perfect? Some people may seem to have perfect skin but they use makeup, others who have naturally "flawless" skin may have "imp
  19. Hi NoSeRiki, that is fantastic news! I guess everyone's situation is unique -though we do have some things in common (damaged skin barrier, texture/pores, dehydrated skin, etc.) - so maybe your original skin condition wasn't very damanged. I read that Aklief contains a type of retinoid and I don't think people with severly damaged skin barriers would benefit from anything as aggressive. I remember my skin started to show this "orange peel texture" after topical use of retinoids, drying soaps, gl
  20. Hi everyone, I'm new here but I've been following this thread for a very long time. Have any of you tried pore minimizers? I'm going to try one and share updates. I know we need to focus on healing but in the meanwhile isn't there a way to conceal our pores? Do any of you have any foundation recs? I've tried so many but they end up emphasizing my texture/pores even more. Surely there must be a product out there to cover up this type of skin?!