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  1. http://www.mdskincare.com/productdetails.cfm?SKU=MD031000 This product really helps me with the dead skin and it makes my face feel so smooth!!! I'm using Dan's BP at night and this every morning but it's too expensive for me. Can someone recommend me a similar product to this? I tried neutogena healthy skin & face lotion and hated it! I would like something like this or maybe even a toner? I am a firm believer that washing alone is not enough.
  2. Damnit I bought cookies today...
  3. I saw Ezenkiel breads that looked tempting but I didn't know which one is good. Any ideas?
  4. I was very confused about the whole bread thing as well. I've heard that grains are bad so I was afraid of the oat bread and all that. It was slightly because I like the taste of it If someone can recommend me a healthier option, that would be great! The pasta I got was from Trader Joe/ It says 100% hard durum semolina <------- I have no idea what this is but it tastes awesome!!!
  5. Last 2 weeks, I've been experimenting with sourdough bread and pasta and cooked carrots. Had a few slices of pizza over the weekend and I'm sure it is causing me to break out a little now. This week's carbs will come from Bananas!!
  6. I went shopping and bought some of the stuff mentioned. Should I cook the carrots or eat them raw? This is my lunch today: 0.7 pounds ground beef 1 big bowl of salad 1 big bowl of strawberry 2 slices of sourdough bread
  7. Hey Danny, what kind of yogurt do you recommend? I love Yoplait but there is 20+ g of sugar and it has HFCS. Also, bread is still a no no?
  8. Brown rice bread noted, thanks for the suggestion!! They should have those in Trader Joe?
  9. Also, how about a bottle of Odwala juice? I know it has a lot of sugar but that could be my carbs for a day right? Anyone can recommend me the best potato chips? I saw in that thread above that pasta is ok? Any specific brands? What is the best type of bread to buy? Is sourdough ok?
  10. Going shopping in about a couple of hours so keep the suggestions coming!! Going to Trader's Joe I'm thinking of : Some potatoes and carrots to boil. They sell gluten free products don't they? some veggie chips to get my cravings out of the way. (they have veggie oil I think ) so bread is a real no, no? Is there gluten-free bread? How about some cereal I can find at trader joe? I have almond milk so that would be a pretty good source of carbs? I've read Danny's post and it's mainly about h
  11. Hi there, I've been on a no-carb diet for a couple of weeks and I would really like to reintroduce carbs back into my diet cause I'm afraid of the long-term effect this will have on my health. I do not know what kind of carbs to eat. Could you suggest to me some good sources of carbs? I love white rice but I understand that it might me unhealthy. Bread is the most convenient source but I've heard people say that it's evil...I'm really confused... BTW I'm really really craving these right now (a
  12. I really really really have trouble staying off rice... I have been on a veggie + fruits +meat diet for the last 2 weeks and I get hungry so quicky (abt 2 hours max after my meal). When I want to snack, I realized that I cannot eat my favorite chips or cookies...I'm too scared too try nuts cause they might be breaking me out. Is it ok to take just a little carb? No carbs at all is really extreme IMO.... Also, how much meat do you usually eat per meal? I had 0.6 pounds of salmon, 1 BIG bowl of
  13. 19 here. Wow, this really proves that teenagers are the ones that suffer most from acne.