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  1. an AWESOME acne site? what do you call acne.org. acne.org has everything that you wanna put on your website. Its a good idea but its been done by Dan.
  2. well ive been on accutane for about 6 weeks now. 60 MG a day. Lately my arms have been drier than usual. They look almost scaly. If I put lotion on, they dont look as bad. this just started recently. Anyone have same experience?
  3. im curious as to what time you guys take your accutane pills, morning and night. thanks
  4. this question may be weird and awkward and some might think its stupid but I think its a legitimate question: ok lets say uv eaten and have just taken ur accutane pill. what if an hour later u have to use the bathroom to take a "dump" will the accutane stay in ur body system or not?
  5. good luck! i just started my second month on accutane, cant wait until im clear
  6. so i should take accutane with milk instead of water for better absorption?
  7. i have a question. i've heard that u should leave like an hour gap of drinking water between meals. so u shouldnt drink water right before or after a meal. but accutane should be taken with food. and i take accutane with water. so if i take the accutane right after a meal with water, isnt that not following the rule of not drinking water right before or after a meal? thanks
  8. well i've been on accutane for about 10 days now and its lookin good. the only side effect i've had so far is just dry lips and dry face. i use carmex chapstck for lips and its workin out fine. i wanted to know what kind of moisturizer u guys are using while on accutane? i tried using sunscreen but it just made my face red and irritated my skin. i want a moisturizer that wont do that. thanks
  9. after i take accutane in the evening with food, can i still like eat afterwards, like ice cream or somethin maybe an hour after taking the accutane or will it affect the absorption of accutane. thanks p.s. im 5'8 140 lbs and I just started 60mg last week. 20mg in the mornin and 40mg in the evenin
  10. well i just started sotret (accutane) last night. im on 60 MG. 20 MG in the morning and 40 MG at night. i will update prolly once a week. if you guys have any do's or dont's, pleast reply. i could use some tips. thanks
  11. im starting 60 MG of sotret(accutane) today. 20 MG in the mornin and 40 MG at night. i've had acne for about 2 years now and ive tried many topicals and other oral antibiotics. i just had a couple of questions. 1. I work usually from 4pm-11pm. Should i take it on my lunck break with food around 8 pm or before i go to bed around 12? 2. Accutane raises cholestrol level. Are tehre any things I should do or avoid to keep it low so my blood results are good? Thanks
  12. one more questoin: i forgot to ask my doctor, but should i use anything else while on accutane or just wash face with soap and water and let accutane take its course. i also have some retin-a left, should i keep applyin that or quit? thanks
  13. well, i've been on tretinoin (retin-a) and augmentin for 2 months now with no results. my doctor prescribed me accutane today and i will start tomorrow. He prescribed 60 mg. He wants me to take 40 mg in the morning and 20 mg in the evening. Is this an ok dosage or no? Any suggestions or comments are welcomed.