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  1. Yeah but on this website under LEARN and ACNE MYTHS it says that diet does not effect acne, and my dermotologist said that too.
  2. PS I am day 3 on accutane and I know the BIG break out is coming soon but right now I'm living it up because somehow I am clear already! oH YES I know it will be short lived, but for now... I'm loving it! Melissa
  3. Hey dude you know accutane is supposed to make you lots worse first right? That's how you know it's working. I don't konw if you know the technical thing accutane does or not but it flushes your pores basically, whatever acne you were going to have strewn out in the next months or so is concentrated NOW! So you get them all at once. I know believe me. But when that is over, it's over! Because it flushes your pores of bacteria and then makes them significantly smaller pores have a fighting chance
  4. Hey I haven't gotten on accutane quite yet, I still have to wait like 3 more weeks. Those pics are before. Right now I'm just on a wash and a gel and an oral pill. But I'll keep you posted when I do get on it. Thanks for the comment.

  5. most definately you are not the only one. I have missed quite a few days of school that way.
  6. ok first of all i don't want it to sound like im defending, her because i'm not what she said was wrong. But sometimes girls say things to their friends that is just in just and the things are said without meaning (real meaning) behind it, maybe she was just trying to impress her friend by acting aloof or something. Maybe to seem cool. Given it would never be cool for me to say something like that about a boyfriend. But ya' know if i did say something like that it would be because i was joking w
  7. hey my bf does, not all the way but just enough that it's trimmed and i love it. it shows that grooming is important.
  8. I wish my bf did that for me, it was very touching and you two are so sweet together.
  9. Hey, Every morning I get up and know that it's going to be bad. I have to push myself out of bed and wash my face, moisturize, and then take nearly a half an hour trying my hardest to cover up my acne. It's hard to tell myself every night that it will get better, and that tomorrow is a new day. Believe me I know it's not easy. But acne is only skin deep and although it's SO HARD to deal with no one thinks about it as much as you do. Other people don't think about it nearly as much as you'll wor
  10. Proactiv commercials aggrivate me. I don't want to be such a baby about it but my boyfriend always knows to change the channel when it comes on. Melissa
  11. These are the first few weeks before I start accutane. I know, I know, but believe me I look better with make - up and a smile.
  12. No i think it's his way of making us more equipt. Yeah, it's hard to hope but maybe we would be too beautiful otherwise or something. Maybe having acne now will help us empithize with others later.
  13. Thanks for the comment. yeah i'ma forget about her i never liked her in the 1st place so it's all good.