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  1. I'm glad it went well for you. Maybe the next person will give you the butterflies, but at least you got some practice in. Oh and Ain'tnoparty, most girls love deep conversation on a first date or at any time it makes us feel like the guy is very interested.
  2. lol. I would hav said. "what do you think happened to my face?" Still its hurtful i know what u mean. especially about the staring. I hate that too.
  3. wow. deep... maybe it was a bit of both. Some people just can't help being antisocial. I think its harder for some girls but i know i may get lot of "hate posts" for that one. Maybe some guys feel the same way, and think its easier for some girls with acne. I dunno... Still I feel like I was and still am deprived of a lot of things due to my acne. Even if its partly my fault.
  4. i think it makes one temporarily ugly, in a way... I sure dont feel beautiful with acne : ( so....
  5. yea since i was 13 and ill put it this way, if i didnt have acne i would hav had a whole lot more fun...
  6. Wow people get really emotional about this stuff. All arguing and sh*t. well i hope its not fake. i really would like to see this. today is my 1st day at this site since like a week. so this is news to me...
  7. yea u sound like me only im a girl. Its a wonderful life isnt it? yea just peachy. I hate being depressed and hiding away too. Its like i let it control everything I do UGH!!!!! I wanted to go to the movies yesterday and I didnt because of godda*n acne!!!!!! And now i hav a job so im constantly embaressed by it and my manager is soooo cute : ( I hate myself!!!!!!! Oh im glad i got that out. but i dont feel better : (
  8. Tila is a stupid f*ck face and shouldn't be on T.V and we can add this to the list of mysteries the world has. That sums it up no?
  9. OMG this is weird cause last night i had a dream that the girl my b/g cheated on me with 3 years ago was back and we had a threesome but I didnt like it at all so i kinda shoved her aside off the bed... I dont know if this is appropriate... sorry if its not. But its all true and it was horrible.!!!
  10. Thank you kind madam. Your name is very deep!

  11. Why waste time worrying about something that won't change just because you worry about it.

  12. yesterday I woke up with a new one, thank god no new ones today, I dont need em I'm still trying to get rid of the one from yesterday.
  13. No offense to her fans but I just dont think shes as big a deal as they make her to be. It's her body thats nice, and yeah....