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  1. dans regimen works for alot of people
  2. Hi, I'm new here-- been reading this thread, and started the OCM about 2 weeks ago. Using 50/50 Castor oil & Jojoba, both from the health food store....plus a smallish amount of BP (just one layer) at night and in the morning. I've had way more whiteheads than usual, as well as now having a few cystic-type acne spots too (if those are the painful under-skin ones?). I'm at my wit's end here.... it works so well for others, why not me?! I'm going to try using EVOO instead of the jojoba, as
  3. OH deep boi, i think talc powder can clog pores if im not mistaken if you worried about the apearence of shiny skin use a blotting paper or if you on a money diet steal those toilet seat covers from a restroom they work just as well! haha
  4. First, I dont know why people are spreading aroud thise notion of oil based cleansing is the be all end all.. OIL CLEANSING ALON WILL NOT CURE ACNE! lol what it does do is removes oil, make up penetrete the stratum corneum and can help dissolve or loosen up hardened oily plugs, being more effective to removing oil and less abrasive and irratating then a detergent based cleanser. For a traditional dtergent water based cleanser to be effective it uses serfacants whick strip and can potentially ir
  5. why would u leave it on?? are you telling me that u just slap some jojoba on your dirty skin? so your leaving pollution bacteria grease and dirt from the day on yur face? No wonder its not working. Use the jojoba as an oil dissolving cleanser, wash it off then follow with a great water soluble cleanser with aha/bha like md fortes cleansers. then follow with a lotion appropriate for your skin. hy. acid is gr8 for oily skin that is water dry. how do u know if your skin is water dry? is your
  6. In your experience could my grapeseed combo be breaking me out?? I just got thru cycle and had more acne than usual.... They heal real fast, but like yesterday I did my OCM and this morning woke up with a huge cyst on my face... It is not even noticeable, it is under the skin and sore as HELL!! I've been doing my mix for 3 wks with ok results... some purging but overall good results...my oiliness is gone.... none even in the morning!! And no need for toners or anything - my skin feels soooo sof
  7. well think of it this way Hap, u clean your face for what a max of like 20 min like i sayed so twice a day you're cleaning for 40 mins ur face is then sitting around for 23 hours and 20 mins with no help? First exfoliation is prob the best thing for skin, some say only oil cleanse but i honestly do not believe that is as effective as a double cleanse. Second like i said before an oil cleanse is great for removing hard plugs and clogs, but what about the other factors? bp does a great job of dest
  8. as far as i know cold pressed is what you should be using. 100 perc. organic as long as the ing. lists jojoba as the only ingrident, it also should be a deep golden color not clear. and i wouldn't use that cleanser because its using soap as the main cleansing ingr. , so it is not OCM,and it lacks the AHA/BHA to make it a great exfoliating cleanser , however dont toss it yet, see how the double cleanse works with jojoba and castor then following with the AHA/BHA cleanser, if you expereince no re
  9. OMG you all are so fucking negative! U know what till NOT help acne BEING SAD AND UPSET AND STRESSED THE FUCK OUT! it actually will worsen it... read this article and then get some zanax.. http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-tre...teen-acne-worse lol joking about the drugs but seriously instead of like not leaving you house or crying or feelin bad about yourself go out buy a great hat and a bitchin pair of sunglasses and pretend you famous for that day.(and cover alot of you face hahaha) Y
  10. a gr8 skin care regimen HOWEVER if you have sever cystic acne you WILL need accutane in conjunction with a gr8 regimen. Retinoids kick ass Bennzoyl pereoxide AHA/BHA gr8 stuff essential oil like tea tree can really help clay masks are nice vit c
  11. hmm as i sit at work my skin looks pretty could besides a couple small white heads on my fore head and chin nothing major shit actually looks nice for a change, all my creams lotions potions and masks do work! haha then as i run my hands through my hair i discover a farm of scalp-ne... so to some it up my def of acne is: "are you fuckin serious?"
  12. Gotcha, picking up Jojoba Oil today. Any recommendations on an AHA/BHA cleanser? Would a toner or a 1.5% salicylic acid face wash do? I do put on an aspirin mask every couple of days in the mornings.