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  1. happy birthday brah

  2. Omg, I was going through your gallery and the progress you made was outstanding! Congrats on being clear xD

  3. Thanks! It's really wonderful how often I get stuff like that now. No one ever used to comment on how I looked...except one insecure girl who just had to say, "Hey, your zits make a triangle!" But now I get compliments all the time on my general appearance and also my eyes, I guess because back in the day, no one wanted to be close enough to me to even see my eyes.
  4. The side effects are a killer. My lips ALWAYS hurt so bad. Use tons of chapstick (lip gloss, I guess? I dunno, I'm a guy; you said you noticed a heavier use of lip gloss). I, as well as most people here I believe, used Cetaphil for my skin moisturizer. Then I used a saline nasal spray twice a day to stop the nose bleeds - they happen, they're annoying, and they hurt, but the nasal spray stops them if you use it enough and correctly. Anyway, click my gallery link in my signature. It has about 4
  5. I know this is an extra old regimen log of mine, but I wanted to show the long-term effects of Accutane, as in nearly two years off of Accutane. View recent pictures from June 10, 2010. Picture 1 Picture 2 Please check out my gallery for older pictures including pre-Accutane photos. I feel much more confident, albeit a bit more self-centered with expensive clothes and hair, but I guess clear skin contributed to that.
  6. My time on Accutane medication.
  7. Wow! I can't believe I never updated this. My course is long over and the results are amazing! Here are before and afters: Day 3 on the 'tane (April 19, 2008, I believe) http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/7857/day3left.jpg A few days ago: http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/9049/n652...10903603027.jpg
  8. Day 31 My first month is over! I get my new script filled Monday when the shipment comes in. I only had three pills left Friday, so I'm taking one a day until I run out tomorrow. My dermatologist said she's really impressed by my improvement in just the first month of the medication. My face still has red marks, but they're mostly flat now, unlike the lumps and bumps and hills and mountains I used to have. You can see the changes in the photos I just uploaded, when they're approved. I still
  9. Day 20 My right hip area hurts in certain positions. I don't know if it's the Accutane. I race BMX, so I go on bike rides, like, every day, usually just to visit a friend though. But, I, of course, use my hip/legs a lot, so I may have just pulled a muscle or something yesterday. I guess it could also be Accutane amplifying the pain if I pulled something, since it has potential to cause joint/muscle/bone pain, etc. So my mom, like, freaked when I told her (she tends to overreact just a tinyyy bit
  10. Day 16 6 days since I updated. This goes by fast...ish. Lol. Let's see. Back still hurts. Lips get consistently drier. Face is still flaky. I no longer have a cramp in my upper left arm. Yay! :] I got a rash on the middle of both of my forearms. It was pretty bad the other day and spread to most of my forearm, but it slowly got better and isn't very widespread anymore. I had a Tall Double Chocolaty Chip Frappucino Blended Creme from Starbucks today. Oops... 45 grams of sugar. Oh well.
  11. Day 10 Nothing excitingly new today. I just got bored, so I felt like posting. Lips are still dry. Eating five tacos really didn't help them feel any better. They stung. And my back still hurts. But I'm getting used to the pain. I don't know if it's because of the Accutane, but my left upper-arm randomly gets cramps now. And it's really annoying. My chin itches so much. It's so hard not to pick. I couldn't help it today. Had to get rid of a big whitehead. Oh well. I've been drinking a lot of
  12. Day 9 Nothing much changing today. My chin area was redder than the rest of my face this morning, but it looked better after I got a shower. Still dry lips and an aching back. I don't really care about most of the side-effects. The only one I really want to avoid is getting a nose bleed. I'm almost done with my first 10-pack in both the 30 mg and 20 mg boxes. I'll post pictures once I'm done with them. My current snack of choice is crunchy peanut butter mixed with sliced almonds. Not a lot