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  1. I'm inclined to say yes, the red marks do fade with time... But give it 2-3 years. I also don't think it's a good idea to try other topicals/treatments while you're on Accutane without consulting your derm first. Does you derm have any ideas as well on how to improve the red marks?
  2. Proactiv worked for me for 4 years but when I replaced it with something else, my acne (moderate/severe) came back with a revenge. I was on a bunch of other stuff after that including Dan's BP gel but nothing worked. I went back to Proactiv as a last resort and was clear in a month. I'm still traumatised from the bad experience though and I have a lot of red marks to remind me of it for the next year or so. If Proactiv works for you, might as well just stick to it. I really couldn't figure ou
  3. Interesting thread... I vote underweight. And it sounded to me that those who replied as normal also wondered if they're underweight as well...
  4. I get that too! I actually like how my makeup looks like by mid-day and onwards even after I've been sweating and blotting off the sweat/oil with a tissue/blotting paper. I have found that mineral makeup can change its color after a while. I used to think that EDM's Fairly Light is my color but it became too fair for me by the end of the day. Now I'm using a different color blend that looks a tiny bit fairer than my skin tone when I first put it on but give it a little bit of time and it bl
  5. I'm one of those people who broke out from Silk Dust but again, everyone has things work differently for them. I would recommend the Start to Finish Powder, it's feels like nothing at all when put on and didn't break me out.
  6. I'm confused. Why do you want to avoid SPF/sun protection ingredients when you're worried about sun damage? Are you allergic to them? What about sun damage are you afraid of? Pre-mature aging? Skin cancer? A tan? I've actually heard somewhere that people with darker skin also tend to have a natural resistance to UV damage so you already have one advantage. I don't think the sun has anything to do with dry skin too. You probably just lack a good moisturizer. Just look out for stuff that contains
  7. Clinique Anti-Acne Solutions Range - Turned my mild acne to moderate/almost severe. Started breaking me out at places I've never had acne too. Everyday Minerals Silk Dust - Lots of tiny under-the-skin bumps. Not sure if they were acne or not. They all disappeared as soon as I stopped using it. Jojoba Oil - Itchy skin. Tiny breakouts.
  8. Hey. I've been hearing a lot of about people breaking out or getting an itchy feel from Bare Minerals. My question here is how bad is it for people who has had problems with Bare Minerals before? Do you get problems immediately? Or do you have to use the make-up a number of times first before you realize that you're having problems with it? I am getting a make-up artist to put on my make-up for my graduation next week and she is using Bare Minerals. This should be a one time event only since I'
  9. Thanks. I'll stick to nights then.
  10. I have yet to find something similar to Dan's BP gel. I've tried other brands of 2.5% to 10% BP but I still think Dan's BP gel is the best one out there. It's less irritating, doesn't dry out the skin as bad as other brands and gives me better results. You also get a lot for a cheaper price.
  11. I just received my AHA and it was love at first try. I even like its sour smell. Will it be okay to use the AHA for day and night? (Since I've seen most people here using it as a night treatment.) Thanks.
  12. It cleared me for 3 years but you'll probably have to stick to it for the rest of your life if you don't want your acne to come back with a vengeance. Proactiv was too drying for my skin and its performance was going down after some time so I stopped it and 2 weeks later, I'm a moderate/slightly severe acne sufferer. I refuse to go back to Proactiv though.
  13. I tend to start picking while I'm in the shower. It's starting to become a daily routine for me and I only feel bad afterwards. I guess it's only when I'm completely clear that I can kick the habit since I won't have anything to pick on anymore. Hope that time comes quickly.
  14. Evans Blue is my favourite band, I never get tired of listening to them. But currently, my favourite song to stay on repeat is 'The Dance' by Charlotte Martin. Deep song and the chorus is heart-breaking. I love depressing songs. -lol-