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  1. Well, I got stomach pains and diarrhea first time using TTO diluted 1/10. After using it a week now my skin looks horrible. The smell is also too strong.
  2. I will be doing the Oil Cleansing Method. 1. Carrier oil (and moisturizer): Jojoba oil 2. Cleaning pores: Castor oil 3. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory: ? What I need is a third essential oil that is both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Does anyone have a recommendation? I originally thought of using 1 and 2 + Tea Tree Oil, but I'm not trusting that oil. It's too strong. I want something that you are able to eat and is not toxic. The smell also has to be acceptable. Cinnamon oil and orega
  3. I would consider looking into getting a good/expensive electric razor. I used old school shaving equipment before starting isotretinoin, and changed to electric. This was just cause I read somewhere that it's less irritating. I do not know if the statement is true, but it sounds somewhat meaningful. You should at least look into investigating it further.
  4. You should consider high dosage SSRI-therapy if you don't see your acne problem going away any time soon.
  5. Quit a week before you travel, and start up again when you get back home.
  6. I changed my mind and want SPF 30 instead. I have bought: Clinique's Superdefense SPF 25 Neutrogena Men's Sensitive Skin Oil-Free Moisture SPF 30 acnefree24: I heard that they changed the active ingredient and don't know if they changed back yet. The product also gets slaughtered on their website. bek_cogent: Thanks, but will try buying sunscreens with moisture. I already have the Murad to try withouth moisture.
  7. What do you guys prefer and recommend? I'm looking for moisture and sun protection (sp 15) for my face. I'm not sure if I should try to look for a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. I want the product(s) to be natural looking and soak into the skin, not making my face look greasy or anything. My face is pretty clear now, so I can sacrifice some comedogenicity for the right product. I already have Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF15 for Face 50ml/1.7oz. Haven't tried it yet.
  8. Thanks for help. I don't dare go with some alternative to conventional therapy. I will be using Tretinoin and Benzoyl Peroxide.
  9. I found 2 cleansers and 2 aloe vera moisturizers. What do you recommend? Cleanser: ACO SPOTLESS Daily Face Wash AquaSodium Laureth SulfateCocamidopropyl Betaine Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate Salicylic AcidSodium ChlorideGlycerinLaureth-3*Sodium HydroxidePEG-150 Distearate PEG-3 Distearate*Piroctone Olamine Benzoic AcidParfum Eucerin DERMOPURIFYER CLEANSING GEL Aqua, sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Citric Acid, I Sodium Benzoate, Sal
  10. Thank you for your response. Can anyone confirm this would be "the best" try? And if you or someone else could maybe write short the rationale of these ingredients together it would be good. I don't mean to be lazy or anything. Hopefully I can find the ingredients without ordering internationally (I don't live in the states). Will see if I find equaling ingredients and ask here if they look good. Edit: I want to do the regimen at bedtime.
  11. I had severe acne for a long time. I've used almost everything there is. Isotretinoin has helped me a lot, and I'm no longer using it. My skin is almost clear now, but I still have some minor acne appearing. Right now it's on my cheek beside my mouth. I would say it's mild acne. I followed a cycle for one spot. It first appeared as a small bump under my skin which hurt and felt infected. After a while it surfaced, but it's unusual as to how it used to be before the isotretinoin cure. My skin ma
  12. I was going to the store when a guy in my parallell class, whom I've never talked to, said: "Hey, you ugly fuck!" I was completely shocked. Didn't know that a nineteen year old guy would say something like this. Another time when I was on my way to school, there was a couple of people passing me on their bicycles. One of them said: "Check out that ugly fucker!" And all of them looked at me. I continued walking and staring down at the ground. I just felt like putting a shotgun to my head and blo