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  1. Just wanted to share with my experience. I used Differing in the past (along with Sodium Sulfacetamide wipes in the eveing) which worked great for me. Now I don't use these anymore, however I still have flakes on my face every day. For some reason rarely some days are better, so I wonder if diet has anything to do with it, but I could not find a pattern yet... What I do is put a moisturizer in the morning before I leave my house to mask/remove flakes.. But this is terribly annoying to do everyda
  2. Caroline, please let us know how it's going... I was wondering how to contact that pharmasy as well.... Regards, Alex
  3. Thanks for your reply ReD... I don't know what to do with my oil. Nothing stops it... I would do anything to get rid of it... Regards.
  4. Red, i actually PM'd you several days ago... Basicly my question was about how well nougrin helped you with oily skin (i believe you took it for a month, so there are should be some consistent results). I would appreciate your response.
  5. SadCaroline, instead of antibiotics... try using Differin and Klaron (prescription only)... My doctor prescribed it to me, and it tremendously helped me (knok-knok on the wood...) and also... don't be sad... Regards.
  6. Also, I double checked the web site selling that "Nougrinum-skin"; they say that you have to take it for 3-4 weeks, after that you have to do the maitanance course. They don't provide more details about the maitanance course though. May be ReD could scan the instructions from the actual package that he got and I could translate it... Regards, Alex
  7. By the way, i just went to the web site where they sell this homeopatic product that ReD was talking in the beginning, and they DO ship overseas. I'm gonna try ordering now. If you need help reading the web-site, let me know... Regards!