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  1. i highly recommend spironolactone. its a hormonal treatment most women use for acne, especially on their jawline. research it here on the org. im on it right now and its great
  2. i'm with prznking on this one. why would you guys want to be average looking with good skin? fuck that. id rather be hot with acne. acne is curable. and when it is cured? youll be hot AND clear.
  3. you people are so ignorant. you need to open your eyes to the many bundles of horror stories caused by accutane. i was hospitalized because of it. i went PSYCHO on that drug and im STILL not fully recovered. another story was in the news about a young guy who crashed a plane (he was a pilot ) and killed himself because he was on accutane. dont believe me? look it UP. you all can get mad at me if you want. i know what ive been through with that drug. it almost killed me. it gave me anxiety and
  4. wait, so it works?! hey screw hair thinning thats not a major issue for me. have you tried it?
  5. dammit! i keep coming across that stupid vilantae site and it sounds so tempting to buy... what do you guys think? waste of money or worth a try? has anyone here tried it?
  6. i would try low dose accutane. that stuff DESTROYS oil. you'll look like a porcelain doll, i swear. if not that then try clean and clear oil blotting sheets. :]
  7. i was surfing for supplements on the web and came across an herbal remedies site featuring tiebtanherbs that treat numerous things. one of their supplements was for acne. the link is below. http://www.tibetanherbs.com/acnesupportcombo.html ^visit this site and read up on the supplements and how they work and the origin of tibetan herbs^ yeah i know alot of you people here are cold hard skeptics about alot of things. dont judge these supplements unless you check them out first. i highly reco
  8. i hate the vitaminshoppe. i ordered a bottle of b5 300 caps and they didnt even mention to tell me that the stuff was on back order and would take like a month to reach my house. i dont have time to wait! i need another bottle PRONTO. does anyone know any good places where i can get some online? thanks much <3
  9. yeah i think im going to give it a try :]
  10. does the alpha lipoic acid help with your scars or what? just wondering :]
  11. i aint going to my prom. my prom is this saturday. im just not into it, plus, i wanted to look perfect, like a princess and my face kinda ruined it for me. plus i hate everyone at my school so whatever. youll have fun. your a guy dont worry about your face that much itll heal :]
  12. i'm like, an accutane veteran. i've been on it twice and i'm starting again in a week so i know this drug inside and out. every one of my anwsers are accurate so i hope ive informed you well 1. what are the usually side affects during the first month of starting? you will experience some joint pain and it will last for about 2 weeks. it SHOULD go away. i experienced pain in my spine. i felt like the tin man. but it dissapeared quickly. expect realllyyy dry hands. (keep lotion in your bag at a
  13. i went to an herb store and saw huge bottles of aloe vera that you could drink. and it was PURE aloe vera squeezed right out of the plant itself. since aloe vera i heard i so great for scars, do you think it would be a good idea to purchase a bottle and drink it orally?
  14. i've been using acv on my skin only topically, and ive been seeing improvements but id like to know if drinking it will help even more. what do you guys think?