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  1. thanks, I will read it. I posted more pics in the gallery, hopefully these show more. Pics
  2. thanks alia1984, did you do the TCA cross yourself or have it done professionally? I have yet to read the thread, it is so long!!
  3. Hey, thanks for replying all of you. I agree, I would gladly take red marks over these things. I have had red marks and they have went away. I will be going to a derm here in a few weeks but I didn't want to go in there blind... it will be my first scar related visit to a derm. Thanks again.
  4. they should be on the last page of the gallery. pics
  5. Hi, I have been lingering here for ages and finally got the courage to post and upload pics. Please take a look at the gallery and let me know what one would call these scars. Any suggestions would be great. I can always upload more pics if necessary.