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  1. Anyone tried this yet ? And does anyone know the kind of ingredients he's using in them - what's the difference ? He doesn't seem to mention them on his site :/
  2. Hi guys, wheres a good place to get this Safi product ? I used to try Neem capsules and they worked for a while but seemed to have stopped all together ? Is safi similar ? Appreciate your help. Cheers, Talon
  3. Thanks cool and KB ! Dno why it didnt come up in the searches for me! Cheers!
  4. Has or is anyone trying this ? It's ticked on the Dan's products page as "great as shampoo". Would anyone recommend it ? I ask this because i use SLS free shampoos as apparently products with SLS(Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) promote acne. At the moment im using Alchemy but i find it dries out my hair quite a bit. So far its been nothing special. I still get my fair share of acne but my back has stay considerably clear so ill continue going SLS free. Advice on Dan's cleanser as a shampoo anyone ? Exper
  5. Can someone please tell me what TCA Cross treatment is please ? I gather its a topical thing, what does it stand for tho? Eek*
  6. Congratz! Wow talk about consistency and patience eh ? Good job. Guess im gonna need a lot of that when i go on Dan's regimen haha. Im actually asian so i wonder if that makes any difference in terms of the redness and flaking happening. I guess im gonna have to read up more in here to see what others have tried to help it.
  7. Hrmm this Neutrogena Healthy Face Skin Lotion seems to be getting good results from what ive read on here so far. I wonder if we have it here in Oz. Yikes, better not stray though.. so easy to get tempted by products when youre constantly feeling at a loss with the acne!
  8. I'll try anything at this point. Dan's products also seem to be reasonable size. Im on ProActiv atm temporarly out of desperation and i guess ill let that run it course and than try Dan's stuff. Good for you! Glad to hear its working! I guess it is also a matter of consistence and letting your skin adjust to it eh ? Good stuff.
  9. Same here Darth. Pharmacists and docs have recc'd i use it a number of times and i tell them it makes me breakout or doesnt help at all and they look at me funny cos apparently it works quite well for most ppl hehe. Thats both cleanser and moisturizer. I also find it kind of heavy too.
  10. Congrats on making it to the end of treatment Patrick! I think i would have to agree with hatethyself its prolly too soon to do anything else and go off the regimen youre on right now. That which i imagine is quite gentle on your skin as it has to be. I came off my roacc about 3yrs ago. I couldnt stay on it for the full course as i was gettn severely depressed, i wish i had made it to the end. Now unfortunately, 3yrs down the track its come back! Aah.. as you can see it lasts quite a bit in the
  11. How did it go for you scar_tissue ? I had dermabrasion before and tried other things like skin peels and found it quite harsh and only temporary. It cleared up for a while but than came back. Its different for everyone really, i get body acne too its a b^tch. Get to the root of the problem, personally i think its an internal thing.. topical stuff only lasts for so long.
  12. Hrmm, interesting home remedies. Although i might be a bit scared of the lemon, sounds quite harsh to me for some reason. But than again with all the other things like tretinoin and such ive tried these remedies sound like worth a try. Ho humm.. whatever works!