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  1. I don't think Mel Gibson looks better with wrinkles, and neither do any of the other women I know. We thought he looked much better when he was younger. The truth is, younger people are better looking than older people, both men and women.
  2. I've always found Seal to be incredibly attractive, especially in the video of Kiss From a Rose, I mean really attractive. His overall look is great. Also, whoever said darker skin doesn't look as bad when scarred is right. If I was a supermodel, I would marry him!
  3. Animegirl, You're one of those women who gets even more beautiful the older she gets. Thanks for the photos! Hejira
  4. Stat A, After a while you will start to get used to it. You will learn how to use makeup to help to some extent. I can't use Jane Iredale, either, way too dry. As far as treatments, yes, I did 15 microdermabrasion treatments ($1500.00) and it was a complete waste of money, don't bother with that. Also, I tried CoolTouch laser last year, and that didn't help either. Actually, I was considering getting dermabrasion from Dr. Y because I thought it would help, but I guess it won't. I know w
  5. Stat A, The same thing happened to me when I had CO2 laser done 5 years ago, and my doctor had never told me of the possibility either. I was shocked to find that I had much worse skin after going through all that. I don't think it is your fault, so you need to stop blaming yourself. I kept my skin very moisturized during the entire process (still do), and that didn't seem to help. I did use Retin-A after a month or two (can't remember), but I don't see how that could be the problem. My he
  6. Miss Shady, I think she said Dr. Y performed her dermabrasion (she will be seeing him soon). Hejira
  7. Animegirl, You look great even without makeup, I'm jealous! I don't see any rolling scars on your face from your CO2, did the dermabrasion take care of that? I have them from CO2 and I'm wondering if dermabrasion would help me. Thanks! Hejira
  8. Beachbum, Like the previous posters have said, there are many treatments out there for you. Have you read the threads regarding dermabrasion with Dr. Yarborough in New Orleans? Maybe you could have punch floats first and then the dermabrasion, and that should help a great deal (according to what I have read, I haven't had the procedure). I am a mother, and as a mother I know your mother will be willing to help you through this, no matter what it takes. I know it can be hard to talk about th
  9. Depressedj, Please don't get CO2 laser resurfacing for your very minor skin problems, it can lead to major skin problems (this is what happened to me). I had mild acne scarring and was told that CO2 would smooth everything out, and that I was a perfect candidate for this (very pale skin). I now have skin that ranges in color from white (I mean white) to brick red. It wrinkled many areas of my face immediately and left me with extremely enlarged scarred pores, not to mention burn marks all ov
  10. Also, what happened to Oursfan?
  11. Dear Prettyhottie, I haven't had any Fraxel laser treatments yet, but I wanted to let you know that I feel the same way you do, and so do many others on this site! It does feel like a disease sometimes to me, too. I'm glad you're going slow, because I jumped right in and had CO2 laser five years ago and was left with really bad scarring from it, so take your time. I think the Fraxel laser sounds really good so far, much safer than CO2. Good luck in your search! Hejira
  12. Me too! He seems to have disappeared.
  13. ForidaGuy, and anyone who has had Fraxel, Does this laser help with fine lines? I know it has helped your acne scarring, but I have fine lines that are bothering me as well, and I wonder if this laser can help those. Thanks!