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  1. oh damn, yo before was sorta like my before. retin a is working for me aswell. yay. keep us updated.
  2. if your really getting flaky, u should try exfoliating during the morning. but if u get even dryer, stop. i bet the flaking would stop. i flaked during the first few weeks of retin a.
  3. that sucks dude, hang in there! its only been two weeks. wait it out a lil bit longer. im currently on retin a and i havent had an initial break out. my acne was severe. maybe cuz i had initial break out with using a different product before retin a. and that lasted about a month or less. so hang in there.
  4. mine work within a month, saw improvements within that month but was still breaking out. then after that month, i was hardly breakin out.
  5. i drink milk a few hours before or after. i usually take the pill with food because it makes me feel like puking if i dont. you should just try and avoid it when takin the pill to maximize absorbtion.
  6. i broke out once using SA. but i stuck to it for awhile and wasnt improving, so i switched and stopped. if yo still breakin out, dont stick to it too long.
  7. if your talking about the peel, then there is only online (derm office if u cant). for other products that contain glycolic acid, there is one i know. its a toner, i think its clean and clear daily pore toner. it contains glycolic acid, im not sure what percent. just borrow yo dad's card, or you could get those disposable visa cards. ive seen em at coin trading cart things.
  8. mayb it isnt a cyst, mayb its jes an infection around the eye are, sounds real serious, visit yo derm asap
  9. i use retin a micro at night and morning use a bp wash not a leave on. never together tho.
  10. jes leave it alone dude. ive had this wen i left acid peel too long, itll come off within a week. atleast.
  11. lol i tried searching as well before i went to see derm and got prescrption. uhh i dont think you will find any online, i tried ebay and nothing. hehe good luck tho.
  12. i use this! yay. i need a bp wash so i got this. i only use it during the morning tho.
  13. @ shortbus, i agree, sea water helps alot. i use to live on island and would swim alot, it really does help.
  14. ohh your scaring me. im on antibiotics and i dont want to have those. did u get them while ur on the pills?
  15. lol i was also going to say it was hormonial but sincce yo aint a girl. hmm the oxy things worked for me awhile back but was not working for cyst. idk if you have cysts or not but you should check out mario badescu's buffering lotion. it worked for me, flattened my big bumps within days. if all else fails, to the derm!