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  1. It cleared me up for awhile, but then acne came back a few years later, I just try and and fight it with BP, it sucks to deal with this stuff everyday when you once thought it was over for good!
  2. My Mom did...but no where near as nasty as mine, my Dad didn't...so there for he has no clue of my pain!
  3. I did not mean to sound negative earlier, I just remember the months of waiting when the BP Gel was being developed and I hope the cleanser/moistuerizer appears sooner than later but I know the wait will be worth it, my hat's off to Dan for all his effort in helping us all deal with this dreaded condition known as Acne!
  4. Hmmm....everything happens in slow motion it seems, including this cleanser and moisturizer we've been hearing about for monthes.
  5. Thanks from the adults.....
  6. It did me too, I still got the redmarks to remind me...
  7. yes....it seems like soft water is easier on your skin when used regularly, our city water's clorine level changes daily it seems.
  8. yeah, I've been using city water too but just moved and I'm getting ready to now use soft water, I know it feels weird as in harder to get soap rinsed off than with hard water but I'm hoping for benefits too.
  9. Hey....whats better? water from a well that has been ran through a water softner or regular hard city water with all its chemicals, anyone have an opinion on this,,,,,?
  10. I'm there, it's like a freakin roller coaster, I've gotten to the point that I'm wondering were the next monster zits will be next week as I try to deal with this weeks zits......It Sucks to be this way in Life!
  11. Sometimes the the sun hits my scars at the "Wrong" angle...then I'm mentally ruined the rest of the day,,,,,,,sux to be me!
  12. I just shake my head and say "why" ????? Life is too short for this crap!!!!