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  1. Ready for the motorcity bowl this year?

  2. Hello everyone I have not visited nor posted on the board for a good while. In the meantime, my acne has cleared up to the point where I am confident in saying I have it 97% under control. I want to share my story with everybody in hopes that this post may help somebody else. To begin, I have had mild acne since I was young but never paid much attention to it. It was just the minor acne that teenagers get. Like everybody else, I rushed out to the dermatologist to get prescription cream differ
  3. I agree with this. Coffee breaks me out terribly EVERYTIME. I have tested it multiple times and there is definitely a correlation. Sucks because I love coffee. Anyway, I drink green tea as an alternative and it does not break me out even though it does contain caffeine.
  4. Let me begin by saying that this is by far one of the best posts I have read on this site. To the author: THANK YOU. You have opened my eyes so much to something I was once blind to. Let me give you an example of how I was before I read this post... I could not walk past a reflective object without looking into it to see my face. I would go into bathrooms just to look into the mirror and see how my face was looking. I was constantly checking myself and zoning in on the troublesome areas of my f
  5. Hey this question is for anybody but specifically the topic starter. I myself am a weight trainer. I have been lifting for about 4 years now. My main question is what is the healthiest way to cook all of these meats and stuff that you buy? For example, the ground beef, do you just fry it in a skillet in its own grease? My diet is listed below. If anybody has any recommendations or anything feel free to let me know. I think I need to be getting more meat in my diet, specifically ground turkey, be
  6. Wow, your situation is almost EXACTLY the same as mine. Stress, dairy, definitely coffee all make it worse. Alcohol too. I never had a huge problem with acne until i went to college, although I had been dealing with very minor acne issues during high school. Back then, i treated my face very harshly with SA and as much BP as i could get onto my face. I think that's actually what has led to my demise here.. I tried everything i could to control it. I gave myself an ultimatum the other night.
  7. We are penn state....go lions!

  8. Hey, You are certainly not alone. I am 22 years old as well. Fortunately, I have not had acne most of my life. However, I have been battling it since I turned 19. I have almost conquered it, but am left with multiple red marks and a few scars. It really sucks. But I will share some of the advice that helped me. To begin, I took a holistic approach to battling my acne. In other words, I did not want to use any chemicals or prescription creams or pills to fight my acne. I instead looked at nat
  9. These smoothies have drastically helped my skin. I have been clear now for about two weeks. I am so grateful and will continue to drink them on a daily basis. Thanks so much ABG Fairy for all of your wonderful insight and advice. Advice to everyone: Drink green smoothies like theyre going out of style!
  10. Well, this has cleared me. It has been almost 8 months since I have used BP or any other acne topical. It took about 7.5 months of dealing with breakouts for me to finally stop breaking out. I've been clear here for about two weeks. I have NEVER been clear that long ever. So I am fairly sure that I am finally repaired from the years of BP use. For all of you who are only a couple months in...stick with it. Like I said, it took my skin 7.5 months to stop breaking out..and I only used BP fo
  11. Everyone I want to recommend to everyone on this regimen that you give green smoothies a shot. I'm sure many of you have read or heard about the green smoothie post and I'm sure plenty of you already drink green smoothies. But for those of you who don't or haven't checked out the post, here's the link: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=108917. I have personally found that green smoothies along with this regimen are getting me to the point where I am almost completely clear
  12. Yes I have been mixing up the greens in my smoothies. Lately my favorites have been collard greens, kale, spinach, and romaine hearts. I have also been picking some fresh romaine lettuce from my garden and putting it in. SOooooooooooooooo goood!
  13. Well I'm going to have to admit that these smoothies are life-saving. My skin is getting better day-by-day. The only thing is I think I have to do them EVERYDAY to stay clear. I skipped this past Saturday and had breakouts. However, if I do two a day, everyday, I am staying clear. I still want to give this a bit longer to make sure that it is working. For those of you who want to take supplements after the smoothies: I am currently on NdnRomeo's regimen which includes stuff in my signatu
  14. How much water would you people say to drink to get the benefits of glowing skin? I heard a good rule of thumb is to drink half your weight in fluid ounces/day. I am thinking of upping that to 3/4 my body weight in fluid ounces. Any thoughts?
  15. Haha what I think happened is he was planning on getting your phone number but probably by being nervous and such he just messed up and gave you his phone number instead. I know sometimes when I approach a girl I still get a little nervous and sometimes it's even possible to jumble words. Regardless it can't hurt to call. Just be reserved until you learn a little more about him.