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  1. Oh I’m so so sorry Lmk5, it is so devastating and hard to look at every single day! So far I have done 6 weekly saline injections and after a few hours each time it wore off and haven’t seen any noticeable improvement. I saw a different dermatologist this week that a friend sees, she seemed to think it would resolve on its own but could be 6-12 months. She was suggesting a small amount of filler could help bridge that time gap. I’m just not sure I’m ready to risk making this any worse
  2. A few months ago I had a cystic breakout in the center of my forehead and after a week or so of trying to resolve it on my own, I saw a dermatologist and received a cortisone injection. This was my first shot. The pimple was reduced in a couple of days and it seemed to be healing well. 3 weeks later I noticed a vertical dent/line in the center of my forehead. There is a noticeable divot from where the pimple likely was, but it’s almost as if the dent moved down the center of my forehead. It