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  1. I've stopped using it. I kept getting more and more tiny bumps on my face where I put the cream. It made my face look worse than before. I will wait and see if it clears up and then may try doing it less frequently. roughdiamonds did you get a reaction like what I had? What improvements have you seen?
  2. Hi, I have just brought the Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy. It was marked down here by $20 so I took the plunge. I also read the web site and thought sounds good. I 've been using it for a week now, morning and night. I have noticed small bumps coming up on my cheeks, tiny ones the same colour as my skin. Not happy about that. It's like my skin is having a reaction to it and/or the cleansing. I really don't think my skin likes having anything at put on it! MY skin seems sensitive so it
  3. Thanks only joe for your reply. You right, I'm going to go and see a dermatologist after Xmas. I've never gone before (too apprehensive) but I feel I need a professional opinion and help, instead of just trying to guess and fret all the time. Perhaps something can actually help out there so I don't have to feel like a vampire when i'm in the sun or under bright lights!!!!
  4. Does anyone suffer from raised bumps (red and same colour as skin) all over their face? I have them on my forehead (enlarged pores) but on both cheeks as well which does not leave an inch of my face smooth or clear. Are these sweat pimples? or does anyone know of any product to make them go away? Or point me to a topic thread that can help me out?? Cheers,
  5. Hi forsaken, My brother killed himself when he was 23, and I was 24. I am now 28. I am still suffering from his death. I thought back then that he knew what he was doing as he was very wise and mature for his age. Now, I do not think the same way. He needed help for depression and he needed to see a counsellor because he did not talk to anyone about his problems! At 18 you are way too young to contemplate doing this to yourself. You are going through a hard time in your life at present
  6. Hey, (about Lighting) I have scars and pores and bumps and not an inch of smooth skin on my face. Just wanted to say it's great to know someone feels the same as me in regards to LIGHTING. Fluro lighting, hairdressers, and even playing pool/snooker and having your face under that spot light with everyone watching your shot being played. I do not play pool anymore because of that. I will try to avoid sitting at a table with bright lights (if I can), I dislike and rarely go to hairdressers,