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  1. on my accutane info sheet i got with the tablets it says 6 months for microdermobrasion and peels. i was on accutane bout 6 months ago and im just bout 2 start usin glycolic peels for red marks left behind but defintly dont do any peels til u get to 6 months post tane
  2. hi evry1 i was wondering where wud i b able to purchase a glycolic acid from? can u get them from chemists? im not lookin for a moisturiser or a product with glycolic in it im lookin for the peels. and i dont plan on purchasing online. any help wil be apreciated
  3. i dono much bout peels but i dont think its a good idea i herd ur face is sensitiv for a like a week after the peel
  4. I like how the AHA is not dense and is watery its absorbs very well and u dont hav to rub in much so no iritation
  5. it did scare me a bit with breakin me out but its been 6 days now and it i can alredy see improvement in red marks so it has been workin
  6. thankyou everyone for the reply's . It's was a few pimples but now they going away so its all good
  7. iv used Dans AHA for bout 4 days now and sinc the 2nd day i keep getin litl red pimples all ova my forhead and now today wen i woke up neer my mouth is this normal? i was completly clear besides having red marks and i am usin AHA to treat them
  8. iv just recieved Dans AHA + and iv used it twice and i felt so stinging sensation at all. iv read on the reviews that ppl feel a burning wen they apply it so wil it stil work for me?
  9. hi im on accutane and my face is always pale is that normal? i kno redness is but my skin is always pail on my face compared to my neck which is normal thanx in advance
  10. hi i been on accutane for 81 days. a few weeks ago dosage put up to 30 from 20 . and im just getting frustrated caus i want to know wen it wil start to clear right now i stil break out a litl bit and the spots r less red wen wil it start to clear? my derm sed 2 months but im just worried and frustrated a bit
  11. hi i just need sum help with a problem. on these tablets i am VERY emotional which i normaly am not and i get upset and very angry very quickly. i have frequent fites with my dad and i need advic how to not get so pissd off and upset caus that just makes my face worse and red and its very hard to try walk away and not fight. thanx in advance
  12. i was just wondering because its a form of vitamin A and Vitamin A is good for your eyesight for eg carrots
  13. hey evry1 just wonderin wen wil i see major improvements and then my skin clearing completely? im on day 55 and my face is a bit better then b4 i started accutane. the acne is alot less red and sum has disapeerd but not much. im on 20mg and shud b getin my dosage put up in a few weeks. and i do know it takes time to work i just want to know when thanx in advance