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  1. If you could get the answer directly from a dermatologic researcher or a practictioner for 3 questions off the top of your yead. What would it be? My Questions: What REALLY Causes Acne? How Long Does The Longest Sufferer Suffer? What Are The Side Effects Of Acne Medications?
  2. I am curious to know what others have bought to treat their acne. List everything that you have bought in so far. It may be: 1. Creams - proactiv.. 2. Treatment Devices - zeno.. 3. Medication tablets - acutane etc. 4. Information on acne - books, ebooks 5. Treatment procedures. 6. Any other acne treatment measure you may have undergone. EDIT: I'm sure most people can't remmeber them all so also post an approximate number of treatments you've tried. I'll go first: 1. Garnier anti-acne face
  3. Its my understanding so far that most people have CHANGED in personality because of acne. Wow, that's something I didn't expect.
  4. What do you hate the most about having acne? Have you ever felt helpless, discouraged because of acne? Tell me the first thing that comes to mind.....