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  1. You caused me a one month suspension from this site. I deserved every day of it. My skin problem has been conquered and I had hoped to continue chatting here, but I now realized I dont deserved to for some of the things I have said. Either way, the journey is complete for me, my work is done. I hope in the end, you will find the same path. Goodbye and please take care, maybe we will meet again, ma

  2. Hello beautiful, I just wanted to stop by one last time to tell you goodbye.

  3. you my friend are absolutely correct 100 percent. I was wrong. Sorry for any distress I have caused

  4. if only you liked men...

  5. why are you so sexy?

  6. I want to feel the love from you.

  7. under that acne, i bet you have soft silky butter skin, which i would love to get to know more.

  8. so what did your sexy self do today? just be more sexy?

  9. me, you, bed, now.

  10. acne has not stopped me from wanting you right now.

  11. Well actually from what I seen, theres alot more kids in college with acne than in high school. i guess thats a good thing since its more acceptable since college has 30 times the amount of people. Im not really suprised too since in college, you go through a huge change in your life and therss more stess and you tend to eat more bad food and excercise less. I gurantee you everyone in the world who has attended college has atleast broken out once. The living on your own and bad food definetely p
  12. My name is Duy and you are very very very welcome by the way.

  13. well,when the ladies on here look the way they do, can you blame me? Ya should have your own forum : Stunning Ladies with acne.org

  14. ok, im not trying to start a argument here, but i have to defend the OP since everyone is attacking him or her. First of all, megan fox and cameron diaz do have scars and yes those are acne scars. Large pores are also known as scarred pores, where the pores are stretched and very rough looking making the skin obviously not smooth. Yes their scars arent anywhere near severe, but the people with severe scarring are being hypocritical for attacking the OP. I gurantee you, that if wynn or whoever el