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  1. If you're laughing now, you'd probably have a seizure from laughing so hard if you heard a dermatologist recommend using "sand paper." That's what one such doc. recommended to me, over the phone, several years ago. LOL YOU'RE SO FUNNY. WHERE DO YOU COME UP WITH MATERIAL LIKE THAT? MY STOMACH HURTS I'M LAUGHING SO HARD.
  2. I commend this doctor for not doctoring his "after" photos, but the results don't seem to be impressive at all. It appears that almost all of the results from "micro-droplet silicone" entails just a "softening" up of the affected area. I wonder if full correction is possible with continued treatment? And I wonder if the patients were happy as it stood at the time the after photos were taken, or was it that the doctor found it risky to continue treating with micro-droplet silicone?
  3. Anyone know of reputable specialists who've perhaps contributed to medical journals on acne scar revision? A doctor with a multi-faceted approach depending on scar type? I wonder if renowned medical centers like Mayo clinic or Cleveland clinic is a viable option?
  4. Yep. It's because the skin is somewhat "raw," especially if you shave the same area more than once, to get a closer shave. In my case, usually lasts a day or so.
  5. What's going on, LOVE... Still using Restylane? Have you looked into Silicone LIS injections?
  6. From my understanding, microdroplet silicone or 'LIS" allows for more accuracy as compared to Artecoll, Sculptra, Bio-Alcamid, etc.. The latter fillers are utilized for large area tissue loss whereas silicon can be applied to individual "small" scars with greater precision. I'm a fan of neither as I've had 4 "double-dose" silicon injections by Dr. David Orentreich in NYC with no notable results. Nonetheless, I'll give it another go in the near future. I've seen that video and i really dont
  7. I had the original Co2 in 96. Not even 5% improvement did I see... p.s. Even the doctor was baffled to lack of results.
  8. I understand a plastic surgeon would best suit for excision. I need some rolling scars excised. If you know of any doctors or articles mentioning names please comment here or send me a message.
  9. Orentreich charges 800 for "double dose" injections and 400 for "regular" injections. Then there's a 200 office visit, each time you go for treatment. Brion, what type of scars did you have? Were you informed of the "double dose" injections? How many rounds did you have? -Nick
  10. You're a dude.. Accutane won't hurt your ability to "have babies."
  11. That "initial breakout" from Accutane is what got me, too. Got me hard!!
  12. Please provide input on strength used and what type of long lasting results you got.. Did it help shrink your pores? Tighten skin? Reduce forehead lines? Finally, where's the best place to get this stuff, and what's the max. % one should use for full face?
  13. Anyone had success or otherwise trying to rid themselves of noticable pores here and there via excision or TCA Cross? One would assume since the excision would only require a single stitch, the residual scar would be non-existent. Please post your experiences.