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  1. Yes the scars get bigger/deeper initially. Combined with the redness, it can make it appear even worst making you feeling like you made the worst decision of your life. My advice is to just live as normally as you did. It will get back to normal (perhaps better than before) within 3-5 month from now.
  2. What is your height and weight (or body fat percentage)? You probably never hear this one but sometimes, putting on some fat can actually make the face a bit more filled which can make the appearance of scars a bit better. Now i'm not telling you to go each a cheese cake but maybe I am.
  3. @boxthatboxcar wanted to know how it is going with you. I recently had tca cross done as well (3 weeks ago) and did notice some scars get worst. From what I read, it can take 1-2 month for it to fill in. I've personally am starting to see some scars fill in but am worried some might not.