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  1. 10 times a day? I would just try 2-3. I you do it 10 time syou can definently irritate your skin. I used to believe my face ( it's higly sensitive mind you) would not be irritated but if you keep washing it 1 0 times a day with only water and patting it dry with a towel, you're face will become irritated. I know mines did become irritated in the past because i only washe dmy face with water b/c my face ony likes water no other cleansers. so just be careful. if your gonna do a uick wash i would
  2. Thats a good suggestion and all but once you're off the accutane. will your acne automatically come back? I've never been on accutane. My dermatolgist never perscribed it to me. I for one, do have severe acne so i'm just curious
  3. I used to use Duac Gel for 2 years. I don't use it at all anymore because it was costing me $40 to refill each time! does'nt work well with a college student on a budget such as myself. However, The gel works pretty well. All it really is is BP like Dans regie but with a higher precentage of BP (i.e 2.5% vs 5%) If its too expensive for you i recommend buying Dan's BP it's the same thing but just cheaper and plus you get more BP with Dans. One downfall with Duac is that depending on what the Do
  4. If you don't wash your face, you'r only hurting yourself in the long run.
  5. I recieved the regimen i ordered from last week today (I reordered) So it came today and I found a blue mosturizer bottle!! I thought this was very odd! But this must be the "older design for acne.org bottle. I think Dan should have kept the bottles Blue. Any comments?
  6. I will be 21 in August I will be 21 in August
  7. Try dans regmen. Trust me! I have severe acne very severe and i've been trying dans reg for 3 weeks now and it helped me out quite a bit. I'm not breaking out like i used to. but i might have to change my moisturizer. But, it works! especially if your on a college student on a budget! (Like me! )
  8. I know what you ean!> I've been on Dans regimen for 3 weeks now and I've noticed ( even today) that my face broke out today and I beleive it might be the mosturier! I did order more regimen so I'll continue the mosturier for this upcoming week so I'll keep you posted! -Brittney