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  1. Suggestions:I'm a woman but i also have mod-severe acne issues. I would suggest coming back to the AHA on week 4. Since you started dans regimen it will take time to see results. I remember being on his regimen and i saw results after over 1 month days of use. Your skin needs to get adjusted to the regimen... and acne fights back too! that's what happened to me. when i was on his regie. Jobaba Oil: Have you tried this? If not you should! it's amazing! and this is coming from a person who has highly sensitive skin. I've been on jobaba oil for over 3 months now and I love it! i never thought it would be a staple in my regie. Jobaba oil opens and cleans out your pours. If you wanna try it I suggest buying from the store on this website while the shipping is free. I bought my jobaba oil from a local natural/organic help fooods store and 2fl. oz costed me $6-7 :):- I hope this helped! :_