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  1. Hey! I have tried black soap and I am currently using it in my regie. I noticed that Black soap helps unclog the pores & may leave the skin a little dry. So if your going to use the soap I would suggest adding a moisturized agent to the soap ( like honey, vegetable glycerin, grapeseed oil., or mango butter) or liquify it. I also used shea butter on my face & I didnt see any change really. I use unrefined shea butter, so when I found that when I applied the unrefined shea butter to my f
  2. Hey everyone, There are a couple of changes that are going on: 1st- I will no longer be writing on my blog.. I know it is sad but i think it's time for me to call it quits. I have not been updating regulary on my blog. 2nd- The good news is that I am documenting my skin care journey here on the YT community. So if anyone is continuing to struggle with hyperpigmentation & pastules (zits) .. i recommend you check out my channel. I hope by myself documenting my skin issues, that it
  3. SknBClear


    Time flys! For those who are following this blog, I just wanted to thank you for faithfully reading. I just wanted to update everyone on my regimen and if there has been any changes. I have been using the same regimen for the past 2 months and I love it still. The black soap is still a winner and the tea tree oil, I will nnot give up anytime soon on. However, I still want something better! I am always trying to find something to improve my regimen. I work in a kitchen setting where a
  4. I can't believe I slacked on updating you all on my regimen and posting duties! .. SO here's what has happened in my life for the past 2-3 months. I just finished up my last semester in college for Culinary Arts Bachelors degree. So I'm very excited that it's over. I just graduated yesterday. However these months were rough.. i hated taking 6 classes and working lol just so i can graduate on time. O well Life is rough sometimes and things happen! Any who, Spring break in march was fun! I
  5. Spring Valley's Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001QXKDR...;pf_rd_i=507846] Hey Everyone I am Back! As I promised, I am giving you all an update on my skin and a review on the Tea Tree Oil that I bought 1 week ago. If any of you don't recall, I bought this product because I didn't want to break out again because i though my pills wouldn't come in on time. So my friend recommended that I try this product and here are my thoughts and the facts
  6. So it has been 2 weeks later and I am breaking out on my cheeks more. The reason why I've broken out is because I am still low on my Herpanacine pills.. so i ordered some yesterday and it will ship in 4 days ( hopefully! ) . So it might take a week to get here! In the meantime, bought zinc 50 mg pills and tea tree oil to help my face while i finish the last of the Herp. pills and receive more in another week. I bought the zinc pills because I've used them in the past and it has worked on
  7. Suggestions:I'm a woman but i also have mod-severe acne issues. I would suggest coming back to the AHA on week 4. Since you started dans regimen it will take time to see results. I remember being on his regimen and i saw results after over 1 month days of use. Your skin needs to get adjusted to the regimen... and acne fights back too! that's what happened to me. when i was on his regie. Jobaba Oil: Have you tried this? If not you should! it's amazing! and this is coming from a person who has hi
  8. I'm also African American Renee and I've tried bare minerals in a Sephora store. I tested it on my hand and later on in the day it made me itch. I wouldn't recommend bare minerals if you have highly sensitive skin. They do carry our skin shade. ( from chestnut-medium to cocoa dark) A good friend of mines recommended glominerals to me. I havent tried it yet but hopefully soon. Their products do not have some of the harmful agents in it such as Talc. ( Talk clogs pores and is one of the top agen
  9. If anyone has been following my posts, (or has begun from my last entry)my skin has been battling me back and forth. I have been still sticking to my regimen . Since I have been taking the Herpanicine pills,,and I am starting to run low.. so i have been only taking between 2-4 a day ( when I can remember.. I have a busy schedule at school) and at least 3-4 colon cleanser pills a day as well. I noticed that once your body gets used to taking 6 herpanicine pills, you can lower the dosage and it
  10. I have mod to severe acne.. but the breakouts are become less and less! anywho i still deal with scarring just like everyone else. I do have scarring and I still get hit on! It doesn't matter how "bad" you think you look or how "good" it's all about how you carry yourself and how you see yourself. If your going to walk around and have a pity party because you believe your acne is the worst.. other people are going to identify your self esteem and other issues you show. However, if you are posit
  11. Hey! So i had to reply! I break out really bad before my periods ( @ least 2 weeks before) The advice I can give you is cleanse out your body out with Nature Bounty colon cleansers. You can find this at your local drug/pharmacy store. See how this works for you. I have been taking this for sometime without my other cleanser pills (Vitamin based). I can attest that at times the colon cleanser pills have helped me with my periods. I hope this helps
  12. Hey everyone! I've been a member of acne.org for a while but it has been a long time since I have actually revisited and wrote in this blog. If anyone has read my entries from at least over 1 year . ago..you can agree that that not only I am African American (black), I have moderate to severe acne and was using Dans Regimen for months. Dans regimen did indeed work for a while but I would still break out before my menstrual cycles and even when i wasn't on it. Over the past year,
  13. Thank You all for your help I will consider the advice! Fish Oils and supplements sounds like the best way to help my acne:)]
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm 21 yrs . old and have had acne for 8 years. I have Severe acne( whiteheads, cysts, lesions, you name it!) with deep scarring on my Right side of my face and some on the jaw and neck line. On my left side of my face I have acne scarring but it's not severe at all. I've been using Dans regie for about 10 months now along with taking Zinc 50 mg chelated and it works great. My face hasn't been breaking out everyday like it used to. and sthere has been improvement in scarring I
  15. ICE. Ihave that same problem too! and I usually found that ice works the best! it makes the cyst go down much faster and it doesn't irritate your skin.
  16. Well I'm a black also. I have been using 50 mh Chelated Zinc Tablets each day . I only take them once a day. 50 mg or more, you can overdse. But i've been using them fr a month now and my skin is healing & it works. It's all natural. I only paid $5.00 for the tablets. I've never heard of mandelic acid. but if you feel that your skin isnt improving whatsoever, I say ditch the acid alltogether & try Zinc tablets. Since using Zinc mu scars are healing slowly but its an improvement. an huge
  17. I hope this response helps. I ama woman and also had that same problem with my skin. One of the huge problems with my face was the oil because my face was naturally oily. All I can really say to you is to dab your face with a wash cloth or switch up on your cleanser. Like the other guy said, I would'nt use a cleanser with bp in it already it might just cause irritation and willnot do anything for the oily skin. What I suggest is getting a new cleanser. I'm on dans regie and I use his cleanser as
  18. From my experience with proactiv i was just like you, I was sucked in from the infomercial and deperately wanted clear skin at the age of 14/15. My mother decided to get it for me and my sister. Since I had really bad acne and even scarring I tried the proactiv anyways. It worked for a few days. The cleanser was an exfoliating cleanser so it okay, not all that great. after using the cleanser, I felt okay. But when it came to the toner it was an experience I would not want to go back to. The tone
  19. I've been using Chelated Zinc 50 mg tablets . 1 each day Dans Regie
  20. I take 50 mg chelated zinc tablets and i have severe acne. The 1st night it helped my face a lot I woke up the next morning and most of the bumps i had the day before were just about gone. I still take the zinc tablets it's been a few weeks now and it's helped my skin alot to be honest. Scarring on my face is healing and my immune system is being cleaned out. As far as pimples, I noticed that it dries out the pimples and helps prevents pimples from reoccuring ( and lesions/bumps) I only take
  21. Yeah Hold on Cowboy!! only 2 days keep hope alive.You know how your skin reacts to products when it comes to your face just be ready to fight any breakouts that happen. Your journey to clear skin is only beginning!
  22. I wish I could help as well. I can only comment about Dans wash &mosturizer. I have no experience with accutane. BUt i definenetly know that it can dry out your face. The Cleanser, I us it on a daily basis and it does'nt dry out your face it just mainly takes all the dead skin off your face and gets it ready for the next treatment ( whether it's accutane, bp) . The moisturizer is definenetly great to use for really dry skin. Your read marks look like they're inflammed and are probably scar
  23. Thanks for the suggestins. As far as the "expensive regimens" . It is'nt the fact that I blow my money on expensive perscriptions, that's because my health insurance does'nt cover it at all! lol. The U.S HealthCare system is horrible. .. I'm definently afraid of trying accutane.
  24. Cope with my acne?? I THINK NOT! LOL . I wanted to get my feelings out by posting a new topic to let my feelings out. I've been dealing & coping with acne since i was in middle school. Now my acne is moderate/severe i do have inflamations.. Nodules every now and then. pastules..But i never totally gave up as far as finding a cure for my acne. Well recently my mother said that she did'nt feel that dans regie was working for me and that it was irritating my face and making it worse. I beg to