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  1. Synthesize, I'd have to disagree with you on that one. Sure life is chock FULL of reality, but you have the SAME tools as everybody else to deal with them (and I'd wager we are better at dealing with disappointments, heart ache, etc than the norm). Acne IS different in this perspective....it's an EXTRA burden and a trial because not everyone has to deal with life the same way everyone else does COUPLED with the constant sorrows of acne and scarring. It's not up there with loss of a limb (for exa
  2. Yup, we've all been there, you know...it's a weird sort of comfort knowing you're not the only one. I can do what i gotta do and be semi fine for weeks, then BAM! One bad breakout and a new batch of horrible bright red scars makes me want to curl up and die already. One glimpse of that Paris Hilton chick on TV and I want to slash my throat in envy. BUT, after you've cried yourself out, and you're at that quiet numb stage, you heave a big sigh, brush yourself off and get up to continue your batt
  3. My problem is propping up my face by leaning on my hand all the time....most of my acne comes from my jawline.
  4. Hahahaha I had to smirk reading this....I'm oily 15 minutes after the shower BEFORE I even get to put on makeup! And I'm 34!!! You'd think the aging process of turning me into a raisin would kick in by now. I use a matte moisturizer on the dry jawline, a shine control gel for the oily t zone, oil free matte foundation, and some loose powder over that (pressed powder is more oily, stick to loose). After about 10 minutes I use blotting paper to absorb any oil and go to work. Thruout the day, add
  5. I didn't use anything else at all, and washed my face with a mild fragrance free cleanser with no acids or gunk. I didn't even wear makeup (Thank god for teachers getting summer holidays). The skin healed and peeled, although I now have a rather large scar on the corner of my mouth now (oh yay me!) from the ordeal. I continue to use the Glyquin on my legs and chest, since it's not reacting in those areas, and started trying again on the face, but only on VERY VERY freakin old scars...2 days and
  6. I've a few friends that look like that. I don't see it as horrible thou...I'd gladly trade you my brown and red marks for indents.
  7. no contracetives...you are taken off those once past 30 with high blood pressure. BUT the suggested meds for high blood pressure that inhibit acne sounds promising, and I'm gonna give up on this Glyquin XM stuff the derm gave me, I seem to be reacting to it badly. It was just a chance to lighten up some scarring to cut down on laser expense
  8. I don't need to hear it to my face...all i need is to read up statistics on how pretty looking people get the jobs, look at the Maxims and the Man shows to see what's valued in our society, and to count the offers of a date on one hand to know it. I've 2 degrees, friendly, funny, nice body, and outgoing when faced with a crowd of people (I even put on workshops and never appear shy)...yet feel like a failure due to the fact I seem to be under house arrest when it comes to social offers. I'm 35,
  9. Are there a lot of 35 year old gals on this forum? And do you have at least 20 zits going on your face at any given time? Greasy looking before you even get out of the house? I look at my cousins and see them still breaking out even at 40...and i'm thinking, there's GOT to be a way to beat this. Now i'm from a hick town in the middle of nowhere, didn't even know that there were dermatologists until i hit university. I tried accutane twice, and that's about it. I'd be very grateful if any of you
  10. Cripes, shows what a noob i am....did my first one with nobody telling me about numbing cream....damn that would have been nice to have!!!!
  11. I tried it for 3 days, and only after the 3rd day woke up to harsh harsh harsh redness and scabbing all over even the oldest scars....I've healed over and peeled now, and debating whether it's something I should expect and trying again... How's yours going? Are you finding that the newest scars are reacting badly?
  12. It's been awhiles since I've taken accutane, but I do remember not being able to go out in direct sunlight (once sat under a tree with just my legs sticking out, they went tingly then numb in a mere 15 min). I also lost my night vision and developed brown gums and a permanent shadow across my upper lip from that stuff. This was back when the stuff was new to the market and we didn't know about ANY side affects cept for the skull-less babies. I'd say if they think there's a risk, sure as hell do
  13. well, I dunno if what has happened is normal or not....I had some pinker newer scars, but healed, and a lot of light or moderate brown ones from years past....NOW have a whoooole lotta pink ones, like taking every zit you've ever had in your lifetime and threw a 20 year reunion on your face! Party. Now I remember accutane and other harsh shit making a face reddened and peeling, so I'm not sure whether I should find this normal....guess the sight of old nearly gone scars looking brand spanking n
  14. Nope, you're perfectly normal. I've gotten zits on the actual LOBES....kinda like a disgusting earring.
  15. Hotel bathrooms....who can feel sexy in front of a hotel bathroom mirror?