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  1. I'm in a similar boat... it's really hard, going off the gluten - but definitely worth it. Also, cutting out dairy for me has been a big help. I used to eat greek yogurt every day, and had cystic acne as a result. Don't worry so much about popping your zits - I mean, it's not the best thing to do, but don't stress about it if you do. I used to get facials and my facialist would pop my zits! Good luck.
  2. OK so.... I'm an idiot. Well, not really an idiot, but I honestly wonder why I did this to myself - and why I canNOT stop picking in a vengeful rage against my poor, poor face. I added extra glycolic acid to the parts that are in the picture as obviously red and messed up. The rest of my skin basically looks fine, though since cutting down to just 1G Pantothenic acid supplementing a day it is definitely getting oilier. Background info - I bought 70% Glycolic acid undiluted (extremely high pe
  3. since these pix kinda suck - I will add that almost all of this is just dark marks left over from previous acne, except for the neck pimples... gotta start doing more glycolic peels, will update with progress again soon.
  4. I haven't been great about following the regimen to a T as recommended by Dan, unfortunately... It has been too drying to my skin, and using moisturizer after applying the BP just inevitably has me slathering it on parts of my face I don't have acne to begin with - which causes it to look sorta damaged and doesn't help me keep it concentrated on the problem areas like around my chin. I was using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer because they are a bit more nourishing, but now that I've run out o
  5. NO NEW PIMPLES!!! I am scared to jinx this, seriously... I usually always have at least one or two... Anyways, doing the regimen still, but I had some Cetaphil cleanser leftover and it is much gentler than the DKR cleanser so I have been using Cetaphil instead for the past few days. Today I ate cake and chocolate (yeah Easter) so that will be a good test to see if this is the regimen keeping me clear! I got my period yesterday so normally at this time of the month I usually have 3-4 pimp
  6. Ahh this is SO true Paul, thank you for the input and support. I used to pick at my scalp until it bled so I'm a not so proud member of the OCD spectrum I suppose... After I wrote that post I went back to the mirror and tried to squeeze out a cyst! Crazy! That is always the worst possible course of action, obviously. That said, I've been layering the BP on reallllly thick and it seems to be working. Coming off this anti-depressant is making me kinda bonkers so I'm just going to try a
  7. LA di dah, new little under the skin thing on my chin - def a hormonal bugger. Been eating this cake I made, leftovers of it, quite a bit as it's the only thing that makes me feel a bit better. Well, SUSHI lunch also made me feel really good today. I could feel the omega-3s seeping in. Lathering on very generous amounts of BP over only active chin area, even layering 1 or 2 extra layers on throughout the night seems to be helping shrink what I have. The pimples that appear, disappear
  8. [Regimen Day 8] Or... Why am I so crazy? I'm gonna try not to get too down on myself here and try and just chug my water, because I broke a few promises I outlined in an effort to exert more control over myself last night in the 'note on wheat' comment. Anyways. 4/2/2012 - Diet Leftover brown rice, quinoa and kale with Bragg's liquid amino acids (so good) and a little lemon hummus mixed in (good girl!) Herbalife allergy-free shake with ice, unsweetened almond milk, and cocoa Four
  9. Hmm this is interesting because my skin has been clearing up a little bit and I actually ran out of probiotics a few weeks ago... So, perhaps they DO make acne worse for some of us. Assuming you're not consuming dairy? If you are eating more fruit that could make the candida thing worse which would mean more acne. Oh and you mentioned cutting out energy drinks. Some people on here have mentioned energy drinks like Red Bull actually helped their acne, possibly due to taurine and B-Vitamin
  10. Wanted to make a note about wheat - last time I ate wheat was last sunday (had pastry, toast and a burrito) and was on a bus with the worst gas/stomach bloating and then later cried that day... well... as I mentioned above I ate spaghetti at 4am, slept till noon and then felt sick again today all day and thought another bowl of spaghetti would 'calm' my stomach. not sure why i'm continuing to make these little errors in thinking because sure enough, just an hour ago I cried again. Now, as a side
  11. [Regimen DAY 7] Ok so I just wrote a post in the message board topic that I had started, and it wouldn't let me continue to update with pix so I've decided to port my progress over to this blog in order to keep a running photo diary... hoping that this turns out to be progress! Cheated on my no wheat/no dairy - last night and today had two bowls of spaghetti with meat sauce. 3 new pimples around chin/jawline cropped up last night so I think it's probably hormones and not related to my
  12. Ok, so, my skin is reeeeeallllly irritated right now you guys. I just considered taking pictures, but honestly it looks the same but the pimples are more RED (NOT INFLAMED THOUGH - except for the stupid cyst) and the skin is pink and flaky and wrinkly!!! So I am going to take a 1-2 day BP break, and just wash and moisturize until things calm down. One thing I might do is apply BP over the areas I'm broken out after moisturizing. I saw another poster did this and she didn't mention having
  13. Do you have access to a dermatologist? if so the first thing I would do if I were you is book an appointment, and s/he can inject the cysts with cortisone - it hurts for a minute but this is the ONLY thing that will flatten them out very quickly. The caveat is that it can create craters, but I have never had that happen and I've had MANY awful cysts injected. How is your skin otherwise? Have you tried stopping the regimen to give your skin a break? If you exfoliate too much that could irri
  14. I've been on Accutane MULTIPLE times and it works for about a year or two at a time then the acne creeps back... So, IMO it's not worth it - and my acne is persistent yet mild (like 1-2 cysts and scattered clogged pores all the time). Currently I'm on Spiro for almost 2 years now and still have cystic acne. At first it made me breakout worse, then it cleared me up about as much as birth control did (80%) and now I'm back, active on the boards and trying another shot at the regimen + diet to
  15. Helloooooo All fellow sufferers here... Shall we stop suffering, and kill this grotesque facial disfigurer called acne? Yes, yes. Acne CV I'm a 28 yr old female and have had acne since I was 11, and the past few years it has been more cystic/jawline hormonal, with many clogged pores in my chin and around my cheeks. Now that I'm older, red marks take FOREVER to fade, and on the left side of my face I have a bunch of clogged pores around my temple (in pic it's pretty clear ((er, not clear