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  1. the most known dermatologist in my city (former chairman of a dept.) overinjected a cyst and gave me a huge deep scar. i hae never had a scar like this and i get cyst injections often but never by this derm before. if i have her or someone else inject saline now is it too late? it's been 4 months.i couldn't get out of work and i didn't want to go back to her but called a couple other derms and they say they've never heard of saline injections (the derm that messed up on me may say the same thing
  2. can u share what he did to help your skin over last year? is he not a big fan of lasers? thanks!
  3. i tried a new dermatologist and she used way too much kenalog when injecting a cyst. i now have a huge 4 mm deep/wide scar and even white discoloration in a circle around the scar. in my over 22 years of cystic acne and scarring, i've never seen anything like this. this happened a few months ago and i kept hoping it would go away. what can i do now to help it heal as best as possible? obviously, i will go to a different derm this time. thank you so much b/c i'm just botched with an enormous s
  4. hi nichole, you're the best to have the guts to do this and to give us all the nfo! di you have fraxel re:pair done? do you know the type of co2 (strength)? thanks! jen
  5. i read on the website that i think fraxel created (real self) that most people don't think the strongest fraxel re:pair was worth the pain during and healing after. that the results weren't very good. i've been to over 10 dermatologists about my scars and not one mentioned subcision or the other treatments i see on here. can anyone recommend a good dermatologist or two in south florida? thank you so much! Jen
  6. hi hiding - did you have repair done? how are you doing? i hope well! post some follow up please!
  7. i want tp thank all the nice and helpful members of our board. it seems to me that fraxel re:pair is the treatment with the most dramatic improvement. i plan to consult with a re:pair doctor this summer. what is the re:pair recovery like? can you do fat grafting before or after re:Pair? thank you kindly for your responses!
  8. Hi, I have fairly severe scarring - some ice pick scars and mostly a pebbly, moonscape type scarring. I have a baby and limited budget but I've waited patiently for each of the last 15 yrs to improve the scarring on my face and I'm ready. I do not want to waste $ that I need to care for my family so how can I get the most scar removal for the least $ (and least risk of damage)? Do I want to start at a high intensity and high number of passes? (I read 10 treatments of Fraxel. and that after t
  9. hi, i have scars from a couple decades of severe acne. the scars are 20 yrs. old and are very noticeable on my face. a couple of deep holes but mostly a rough, moonscape look on my cheeks. orange peel skin elsewhere on my face. i met a dermatologist today who said in 3 Fraxels my scars would be gone. i had read 10 sessions is required on this board. she seemed reputable but perhaps very concerned with ringing up business? this derm does do a lot of public relations and marketing so i do not kno
  10. i have a large cyst (very large!) on my back and the derm has injected it with kenalog 3 separate times now. it's been there for over 8 months. do kenalog injections work and any success stories in getting rid of these! it's odd because i have nice skin and i'm older (not 20s or teen). thanks!
  11. Thank you to everyone who responded so far! i think fillers and/or needling combined with either dermabrasion or fraxel/co2. i guess i have to find a top derm who can help me decide. wish that more people on here had spoken to top derm surgeons on this issue! thanks! why fraxel over co2 or dermabrasion? is fraxel a bit less invasive? Im sure fraxel would work better than co2 and dermabrasion for deep scars, what exact kind of scarring do you mean by 'pebbly' pitted scarring?
  12. i have a huge, hard boil (not sure if this is a cyst or nodule). i think it's a nodule. my derm said it's ok to inject it but once it gets smaller, would you still inject it or risk atrophy? does anyone know of a good derm in So FL for Acne?
  13. i have severe scarring. a pebbly pitted scarring on my cheeks. i was always told i would need dermabrasion but now there are lasers like fraxel. i've been warned of permanent redness and fat loss. which procedures have you had done or seen work well? has anyone heard of a good doctor in nyc or miami for this? thank you!
  14. i live in south florida and i'm 38 yrs old. i have huge cysts forming - like big boils actually. i have seen 2 derms recently and neither seemed to know what to do about it. each gave me kenalog injections which did not help. is there a miami dermatologist that anyone can recommend? has anyone dealt with boil-sized cysts? i am thinking of trying a university hospital. thanks!