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  1. I've been on spiro since 2008. I was prescribed it by an NHS consultant at Stepping Hill in Stockport. I went in wanting accutane and was very put out to be given spiro instead. But it did have a great impact, once I got past the horrific IB. I don't see a derm anymore. Luckily my GP was happy to keep prescribing and now I live overseas where I can buy it over the counter. Every so often I will lower my 200mg a day dosage, but then the grease starts running down the sides of my nose and a n
  2. I looked up the symptoms of estrogen dominance and they don't seem to apply to me. But thank you I will look into natural progesterone.
  3. Hi all. I've been on 200mg a day of Spiro for coming up to 5 years and I decided to stop a couple of weeks ago. I didn't feel that it was working as well as it used to and I hoped at the age of 34 my skin might have started improving itself. Already my skin is slightly more oily down the sides of my nose and I'm getting some spots, but I never got completely clear on spiro during the years anyway. I'm going to see what happens in the next few weeks and decide then. Has anyone else stopped taki
  4. Because my doc got sniffy about giving me prescriptions for Spiro, she referred me to a derm at my local hospital who told me today that 2 years is long enough on Spiro and that they don't know what the long term effects are. I told her that there'd been studies to show that there was no problems reported in taking Spiro long term, but she wouldn't listen. Started crying my eyes out. Asked her why a derm had prescribed it for me 2 years ago, but she said that they would only have intended it as
  5. I've been on Spiro for 2 years and whenever I've been slack with the water, then I get really tired. Like a couple of months ago it was freezing cold and snowy and that's when I just couldn't face drinking much. I felt awful and was going to bed early every night with no effect. Now it's a bit warmer I'm drinking more and feeling fine. Drinking lots is something you need to get used to. It also helps you lose weight.
  6. Fair point. Cheers I'll get some stuff together. I would have had it out with the doc, but she said in her letter she was on holiday for 2 weeks now. How convenient?
  7. I recently moved to a new city and when I visited my new doctor's surgery to get a repeat of my spiro (200mg a day) the doctor looked puzzled. She said she had never heard of using Spiro for acne and was very sniffy with me. But because she saw in my notes a letter from a derm in 2008 suggesting Spiro, she reluctantly gave me a prescription. I received a letter from her today, saying: 'Following your consultation I have had the opportunity to look into the prescribing of Spiro for acne. This is
  8. I was on 100mg for the first 2 months. I put zindaclin on the spots that are still coming up and that seems to help with them.
  9. Been on Spiro at 200mg a day for nearly six months. My skin is alot better, but I'm still getting spots and there's always loads of bumps on my face. I'll have a week or two with nothing, then start getting a crop of nasties round my chin, neck and cheeks. I thought by this point I'd be completely clear. Used to have a greasy t-zone, but that's gone now. I know people have different reactions and uptake to things, is it just that I'm one of the unlucky ones who have to wait longer? It's really a
  10. I live in Manchester and I get Spiro. Been on it since March. I wanted roaccutane, but the derm refused and said try Spiro. I'd never heard of it before, but after finding this site I knew it was worth a try. My GP just writes the prescriptions for me now, she'd never heard of using it for acne, but always seems happy to write them and she can see my skin is better, though not as good as I'd hoped. I say demand a referral to a derm, then demand Spiro. There's been loads of studies on it, so any
  11. Hi all. I've been on Spiro for just over 3 months now. A couple of weeks ago I upped my dosage from 100 to 200mg a day and I'm deffo beginning to see some results, touch wood. My skin doesn't feel quite so greasy and any spots I do get come and go within a day and even they seem to getting less frequent. Can this really be end of my bad skin? It's too much to hope for. I'm also on the Depo injection and have been for several years. There's noooo way I ever want to come off it and it's never give
  12. I've tried the lot I think apart from Roaccutane. There is definitely an improvement in my skin. If after this month I'm still not completely clear then my dosage can be increased. From what I've read on these boards it's about now when I should begin to start seeing a big improvement, so I'm not overly concerned yet. I really do hope that one day I'll be able to put up the magic post saying that I'm clear and that Spiro has worked. It's lovely to read other people's success posts, it gives you
  13. Hi everyone. I've been lurking around this site for a few weeks now. It's been so useful seeing how other people have been going on Spiro. I've had acne since I was about 12 and I'm 29 now. I tried to get Roaccutane, but the evil derm wouldn't give it to me, saying my acne wasn't bad enough and besides I'd grow out of it! So I've been on Spiro coming up to 3 months now. I had the horrific initial outbreak after a couple of weeks. It was awful, lots of zitty whiteheads just constantly popping
  14. I hope you're not suggesting that the UK is 'wankerville'?! Anyway. There must be a way to find out which pill this miracle stuff is in. I saw my doctor this afternoon to get a repeat of spiro and I asked her, but she'd not seen anything in the news. I said it was in a pill that was used to treat excess sebum in Parkinson's sufferers and she instantly said Levodopa. So it could be that.